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Sad News to Report

On Friday one of the cars went over the side of the mountain near the city of Jacmal killing all the passengers and leaving the driver in serious condition. Those who died are Matt Kutsche going on his first trip to Haiti, Mary LaPonsie who has gone on every Holy Spirit mission to Seguin, and Jim and Rita Cwengros who have gone on several recent trips including the 2010 earthquake mission. Please pray for these amazing people who have given so generously of their hearts and their lives! Tim Ryan and Jim Flickinger remain in Haiti making arrangements to bring the bodies home as soon as possible. The rest of the team arrived home safely on Saturday thanks to the generosity of Amway. Saturday a prayer service was held in Holy Spirit Church filled with families and friends. The outpouring of sympathy from this Grand Rapids community is overwhelming. Please continue to support all those involved with your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

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