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Saturday am Update, 1/30

It’s the weekend, the sun is out and Troy comes home tonight – yeah!!
I believe the team feels good about what they have been able to accomplish.  Troy’s first words when I asked him how the day went yesterday were “great!” and “awesome!”  The conversation then centered around logistics. 
Before we hung up, he said “You know I thought I would hold it together until I got home.  I haven’t REALLY cried about this whole thing yet.”  He then proceeded to tell me about going into one of the tent cities to change a dressing for the man with the suprapubic catheter.  When he was on his way out, he came across a church service starting up amongst the sheets and make shift living quarters.  He sat down by himself, enjoyed the singing and worship and the faucet just turned on.
It is always difficult coming back from a third world experience.  You notice the entitlement more and worries here seem trivial.  My mom and I were talking about Troy re-entering our West Michigan world.  I think as family members and friends of these team members who will be returning today or next Friday, we need to keep a few things in mind.  When our kids fight over a toy or do the “I’m starving!” whine, they might snap a little quicker.  When their patients insist that the ailment they’re complaining about be cured TODAY, even when this is the first time it’s been mentioned and it has apparently been bothering them for months, they may mumble things under their breath.  We’re going to have to give them a break for awhile.  They’ve seen a lot. 
On a lighter note, our new friends Kelly and Todd Shomin, have had their daughter Josie (just turned 2) home from Haiti now for one week and we met her this morning at basketball!  What a beautiful little girl!!  It was so neat on the way home to tell my boys that the Josie they were playing with this morning was THE ‘baby Josie’ we have been praying for.  God is so good!        
Thank you all again for your well wishes, donations and prayers this past week.  Troy comes home tonight but this ordeal will not be over for a long, long, time.  Please continue to keep the country of Haiti and it’s people in your prayers.

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