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Saturday and Sunday

Maya McAdory ~ Today was fun. Sitting in the back of the truck on the way to the mountains was a fun ride! Even though we got rained on a while after tarping, it was refreshing! Today was more laid back because of the rain but I’m having a great time. (:

Colleen Ryan ~ Today was a great day of installing water filters and putting tarps on cornstalk houses. Even though it rained we still were able to hike through the rocky paths, and give the people of Haiti these simple necessities. In the morning, we played with the kids for a couple of hours with the footballs and soccer balls. It is fun to see how much fun they have with the little toys we have been playing with our whole life. It is great to be back on my second trip, and I can’t wait for the adventures we will have in Seguin throughout this week.

Stephanie Kaminski ~ Today we did some more water filters and tarped some of the houses. The little kids are still the cutest things I’ve ever seen. A little girl came up to me as we were walking from house to house and grabbed my hand so tight. I tried to let go of her to go help tarp the house and she just held on tighter. Then she started climbing on me to make me pick her up. We hiked quite the way, yet again. I slipped quite a few times. We got to sit in the bed of the truck, however it started raining so we had to all squeeze into the cars.

Erin Mangan ~ Today was fun! We installed water filters and put tarps on houses. Where we went was extremely rocky. And since it started to rain, it became hard to hike through the mountain. It was exciting to see more kids and their smiling faces. A little boy came up to me and held my hand while delivering water filters and tarps. We didn’t communicate very much, but just being there was enough. I can’t wait to see the church tomorrow and doing more work. I love and miss you!

Maddie Sprite ~ Still completely amazed, each day gets better and better.  I honestly think that I’m going to change what I’m going to college for because I feel such a connection with helping people in this way.  Two boys last night pulled me and Lauren aside to tell us that it makes them so happy when we’re here and that they always pray that God can grant us the ability to be able to come back year after year…we’re here to help them and here they are praying for us! That’s amazing, they all have wonderful hearts.  I’ve never been so happy to wake up early in the morning.  I am soo in love with what we’ve been doing and all the people here.  We’ve done house tarps and water filters so far and will continue tomorrow.  I miss you guys back home! Love you 🙂

Lauren Buczkowski ~ In addition to what Maddie said, Mackenson and Weebly pulled us aside and told us that they wish they could spend time with us every day and that it makes us sad when we’re apart. I am completely in love with every smile, laugh, smell, taste, and sight in Haiti. I could use a million words to describe what we have done or how this trip has made me feel, but words will not compare to how warm my heart feels being here. As father said in church today, “You are at home here in Seguin.” I feel God present in every person here. I feel at home.

Erin Mangan ~ Today we went to Mass and put tarps onto more homes. The trip is going really well, and everyone here is really supportive. The kids today kept trying to get into my backpack. It makes me sad to see them have so little. They even know how to say “give me a dollar” in English. Another girl held my hand as we walked today. The children are adorable, and I can’t wait to show you the photos of them to you. Love and miss you! 🙂

Olivia Kelbel ~ Today we girls were all woken up by the sound of goats screeching and as you can imagine that is not a good sound. We just finished our dinner which was goat…  this morning we went to Mass and put tarps on houses. Mass was so nice especially because the choir is full of little girls and few boys, who are beyond adorable. This trip so far has been so life changing and amazing and I’m so sad to think that we leave Seguin Tuesday and go to Port-au-prince. All of the kids here are amazing and so full of happiness. It’s amazing to see how happy they get just over one piece of candy!

Becca Dull ~ Church was at 8:30 and it was just down the hill from us. They had the cutest little kids in the choir, and they sang loudly. The kids here have the cutest little smiles and cutest little laughs. They run after our car when we drive away and sometimes we throw candy out the window for them. When we walk to a house to put a tarp on it or give them water filters a group of kids come running towards us to greet us. They usually hold our hands and pose for pictures. I just want to take one home with me. We showed them how to jump rope today and they loved it. Anyway, Mom and Pa, I hope you aren’t missing us too much. We are having lots of fun and the food here is amazing. I wish you were here so that you could fall in love with Haiti too.

Megan Cook ~ Don’t worry I’m alive! I was just too lazy to blog the last two nights. Anyway, wow let me tell you this is a trip of a lifetime. I am in love with everything about here. The people are so nice and I LOVE the kids here (as do they love me back of course). Everyday i get a new person who is by buddy and doesn’t leave my side. The people even call me crazy white girl because i love the kids so much. Today we went to church and it was an incredible experience here to see all the people come together … and even though we didn’t know what we were saying we could follow along. We then went and set up tarps on people’s houses. Now we are back at the house dancing with some of the people. I also have learned a lot of the language here which is fun. But ta ta for now, I gotta go dance some more!

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  1. Sounds like everyone is having a good time. We are thinking of you and praying for you. I hope Emma decides to add to the blog….hint, hint…
    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Glad the rain is refreshing there, you’ll really be refreshed then come Thursday since it will probably be snowing here as its been for the last 3 days. Smooches M.M.!

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