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Saturday – Goodby Haiti – We will remember you!

MaryMary LaPonsie – As always – mixed feelings as we prepare to leave. I miss my family at home, my own bed and warm showers. As I board the plane in Port au Prince, Haiti will be tugging on my heart. Once again, I feel as if I’m leaving a million of my own children behind. Gratefully several have been left in better shape than when we arrived.

The work of our medical team was amazing. Our team and the people of Seguin were blessed to have Dr. Bruce Murray, ER physician here. We had been presented with many emergencies and urgent heath care needs in the clinic. Bruce handled everything that was presented to him with calm and compassion. He was amazing.

New team members, Joe and Peg Stapf, were also wonderful additions. Joe did a great job in the pharmacy, giving me the opportunity to get around and do new things. Peg, a physician’s assistant, dug right in and had a smile for every patient, even as some days seemed to drag on. How many patients can you get through the clinic? Always one more.

Amazing. Incredible trip!!!

Peg Stapf – Physician Assistant- People on the team have been asking me “What did you think of the mission?” Where do I begin to answer that question? The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Haiti will stay with me forever. Each day was a blur of activity mixed with some faces and cases which will be etched in my memory. I will never forget the wide-eyed, trusting and beautiful children. The people coming in to our clinic were so grateful for whatever care we could provide. I had to remind myself constantly that the care I provided was more than they would have had without us, however inadequate by American standards. It’s all about perspective. I hope that I can remember to be grateful for each blessing and each day of life, like the people of Haiti. I came thinking I could educate the Haitians about healthcare, but it was they who educated me about life. Thanks to Holy Spirit for your support. Thanks to our team for their hard work and compassion. I was honored to take this journey with you and count you all as my new friends.

Hello from Betty Krauss Thanks to all of you for your love, support and prayers. We leave here in one hour for the airport and then Miami to Detroit. Visited Mother Teresa’s yesterday and held the babies for a couple of hours. The babies are so special. Some very sick but we all know the Lord is with them. We know we will be shocked with your weather back home, so all of you stay warm. I hope to be able to share some of the specifics of this trip when I get home as just a paragraph is not fair to this wonderful mission and the work that God has allowed us to do here. Love you all.

From Shirley Burnham. There are those who question why we are here when we could spend our money on other pleasures. The grateful look of those that we help says it all. There are no dentists up there and they would have to go 2 hours down the mountain by motorcycle taxis and then have the money to pay for the extraction. The most teeth we pulled at a time was 7 and the patients seen was 362. The total number of teeth extracted was 602. That would make a bunch of necklaces. God bless our flight home.

Lori DeBruyne – Triage – Jan, 21st,
We are all packed and waiting to leave the Matthew 25 House. Our shuttle leaves in about an hour. We were up at 6:20am and breakfast at 7am. We had scrambled eggs and toast. Part of our group is on the roof top soaking up the sun and part of us are in the shade in the rockers. We had a great trip and nobody got sick or hurt. We were very blessed! I learned so much more this trip and was so glad to work with Betty in Triage. We meshed together great. It was such a joy to go to Mother Teresa’s orphanage yesterday. Thank goodness for the apron smocks we wore. I got pooped on! So many kids and it was very hot in there. This time, the kids had more to eat than what we saw last year. I made a couple of them laugh. Some of the babies just wanted to be held and didn’t say a word. We slept great here at Matthew 25 – just like at home. I miss my family and looking forward to getting back, I hope the roads are clear when we get in tonight at 11pm. Looking forward to next year! Xoxoxox

Bruce1-21-12 Bruce Murray – Getting ready to head home. Can’t wait to be home with family again, but very bittersweet. Sad to have to pack up and leave all the people here. I so enjoyed working with this team and thank them for having me along. Many stories to tell and pictures to show. A lady came to give us her twin baby boy because she could not take care of, or afford twins. I just saw a man carrying a goat down the road. There was no head, and it had been skinned. Headed to the meat market. Another man had ½ of an animal in a wheel barrel. Matthew 25 has been great. See you soon, love to you all.




2 Kelly1/21/12 – Kelly Ryan
I’m really dreading the upcoming plane ride that will take me out of this gorgeous weather and into the snow. I love it too much here and I really don’t want to leave at all. Yesterday we drove around Port au Prince starting at Mother Teresa’s and ending at a hill mountain overlooking the city. The funny thing about it was that the two biggest buildings were the two competing cell phone companies. At Mother Teresa’s, I started out holding a baby boy who liked to take his diaper off and constantly wanted to sit on the plastic chairs from which he would proceed to take off running. After I handed him off, I held a four year old girl in my lap who was crying because her mom had just left. When it was time to leave, she kept trying to follow us out the door. As soon as we walked into the cathedral, we were surrounded by people begging. At the palace there were all sorts of artists selling their paintings for much less than they were worth. I really love it here, and as always I don’t want to go home.

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