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Saturday, June 8

Hello to all, We set up and also had a ½ day in the clinic today. We all worked hard and are also having lots of laughs. We cared for a lot of people today, and they cared for us as well. Everyone is healthy thus far. Blessings, Gerri

First ½ day of clinic ever…but ½ days here are 7 hours. Wonderful group of medical teachers. Had 6 weeks of orientation in 6 hours. What a wonderful experience! Maureen

Kelly Ryan – Hi everybody! Today was a great time working pharmacy with Michaela. Our desk was so dusty that we improvised and covered it with trash bags after the third wipe came up with just as much dirt as the first. We gave out a lot of antihypertensive medication and a lot of the usual Tums, Tylenol, and vitamins. I have made a new best friend, Natasha, who smiles every time she sees me and walked me up to the rectory after clinic this afternoon. I have a fan club now as well that chants my name when they walk with me. I still cannot get over how beautiful the cross that Father Gilbert and Monsignor Domond put up at the site, and I am really looking forward to the rest of the trip.

Michaela- Hey!! Well we have not had a dull day yet, and I am sure we will not the whole trip here. The ride up the mountain was a great time, we had so many laughs. We are all making new friends and becoming closer. ½ day of clinic was a fun and busy day, Kelly and I in the pharmacy are doing well and keeping organized, but of course still having time to hold the babies and play with the kids.

Kyle R.–This is day 3 of the trip, but it was the first full day in Seguin. It’s beautiful. The landscape is breathtaking, and the people are lovable. Today we set up and organized the clinic and saw over a hundred patients. The Haitians have a lot to teach us about kindness and charity and friendliness. I’m excited for more days of clinic and interacting more with both the people of Seguin and my teammates. God is certainly present up here in the mountains.

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