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Tim Ryan Saturday pm Update, 1/30

Tim called tonight and said this team is amazing!  They have seen hundreds of people at Pastor Roro’s Compound, the Methodist Clinic, and Matthew 25.  Monday they will be doing a facial surgery at Grace Children’s Hospital.  With the connection of many volunteer groups in the area, they are able to transfer patients easily to the place where they can get the best help.  An American School of Haiti has helped transport patients on gurneys and set up an Army tent with medical supplies which other groups have left, so our group is able to buy the medications they need. Many of the children are traumatized with lots of scrapes and bruises.  One six year old boy arrived traumatized with a badly bruised leg probably from being pulled out of the rubble.  After receiving medical care and lots of attention and smiles, he left with his mom and grandma feeling so much better.  Thank you Team for sharing your expertise and compassion – you are constantly in our prayers!  Paula

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