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Saying Goodbye to Seguin

Stephanie Kaminski ~ Today was probably one of the hardest moments of my life. I had to say goodbye to many people who have made such a big impact on my life. However, it wasn’t a goodbye. It was a see you later. I gave everyone my goodbye hugs and there was one person left, Mackinson. I looked at him, and the smile that he always has isn’t there. He looks sad. I give him a hug and start crying on his shoulder so I go to the car and hug my backpack and just cry. Once everyone is in the cars, he and Ribley come up to our car so we roll down the window and he sees me crying and just looks at me. I looked away and started crying again. As we start to roll up the windows I look over one last time and he flashes me one more smile. Everyone in Haiti will forever remain in my heart and prayers. I look to Haiti as another home. I come here to help them, when in reality I think they are actually helping me. These past 3 mission trips have forever changed my life. I will always remember my experiences here.


Maggie Kane ~ It has yet to sink in that that may or may not be my last time seeing the kids and people of Seguin. It has been a wonderful journey, and I have made relationships with so many great people on this trip. We stopped by the beach on our way to this guest house and stayed by the beautiful ocean and beach for a couple hours. It felt like a real spring break lol. Anyway it is so bittersweet to know we are coming home soon.


Megan Cook ~ Saying goodbye to the friends I made up in the mountain was one of the hardest things. They have already made such a big spot in my heart, and I already miss each one of them very much. We made it down the mountain today which was fun to watch out the window the whole way since last time I slept on the way up. We are now at a guest house and will be going to an orphanage tomorrow. It’s sad to think that my trip is coming to an end, but I also am beyond blessed to have made the memories I have and made some new friends:)


Maddie Sprite ~ Today was completely heartbreaking.. saying goodbye to the boys who literally changed my life was nearly impossible.  They have left a mark on my heart, and I’m forever moved by what they do.  I only hope that God grants me the ability to be able to see them again.  They are inspirations.  I’m so sad to be coming home… I feel like I could live here forever.  Still miss you guys at home and love you bunches! p.s. be ready for a new Maddie 😉

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