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Second Day of Clinic

izzabellaIzzy Babkowski ~ Today was our second day of clinic. It was another busy one! We have been mostly focusing on cleaning the teeth of the school children and doing less extractions and leaving those for the last bit of the day. Along with cleaning teeth today some of us went down to the kindergarten classrooms to teach them how to brush their teeth and administering fluoride treatments. We have been getting out of clinic quite late so we get back to the rectory just in time for a warm dinner with delicious fried plantains. I’m excited for the rest of the clinic days to see what interesting cases might come about and to see more of the kids get their teeth cleaned!

ericaErika Simonds ~ Another day in the books! Today we worked on fluoride for the preschool and kindergarten classes. We had mini lessons where we were teaching them how to brush their teeth. These kids are so cute, but they usually have no idea what we are trying to say! We also set up a station where we would paint the fluoride on their teeth. Our interpreters and a few older school boys were a huge help in telling the children what to do. At the end of the day, all three of our dentists were working on extractions, so we were runners for the tools, shots, and medications the dentists needed to speed up the removal process. I was shocked by the number of Haitians who needed teeth removed!

stephStephanie Braun  ~ Today Lauren and I got to apply fluoride onto the kindergarteners’ teeth, and this was so cute. At the beginning it was a bit chaos from giving out tooth brushes and teaching them how to brush to actually applying the fluoride. We had to pick out which children had bad enough teeth to send to the dentist up in the clinic as well as separate the 60 children who had fluoride and who hadn’t. We finished and headed back up to the clinic, and I helped Dr. Mitchell with suction during cleanings.

11 thoughts on “Second Day of Clinic”

  1. Stephanie,

    That’s so cool how you got to teach kids how to brush their teeth. I’m sure it was cool to see and a fun expiernece. I hope the procedures go well! Keep up the good work!

  2. Stephanie, that sounds really awesome! Was the difference between kids with flouride and without huge? Was it painful for them to get that done or did they not seem to mind? You guys are doing a great job! You are helping these kids so much, keep it up!

  3. Stephanie,
    It’s very brave of you to go to Haiti and help the kids. It’s really cool that you are able to help he kids learn how to brush their teeth. Good luck with the rest of your trip!

  4. Erika, that sounds like a lot of fun! How did the children react to the fluoride? Did the kids like to learn? I hope you are all having fun! You are in our prayers!

  5. Izzy: That is so cool you got to teach them to brush their teeth! Did many of them not know how to? Good luck on the rest of your mission!

  6. I don’t know how you guys do it! I would love helping people but I don’t know if I would be able to help out with surgery things. I just can’t stand that kind of stuff! We’re praying for you all and I hope you stay safe.

  7. Erika, Helping those little kids learn how to brush their teeth sounds like fun. Luckily you guys got passed the translation problems at this time. Was it hard to communicate with them even with translation? We’re the extractions difficult. Stay safe and have fun.

  8. Stephanie, it’s great that you guys are cleaning their teeth and teaching them how to brush their teeth. Were the kids excited to get their teeth cleaned? How long did it take to teach them? Was it hard to teach them? Again what you are doing is great!

  9. Stephanie- I think it’s great that you were able to help kids clean their teeth and teaching them how to brush their teeth. I hope today was just as exciting and progressive as yesterday. How young are the kids you are working with? I hope you get a lot of stuff done and have a great time doing it for the remainder of your trip.

  10. Happy to hear about the mission. Sounds like a few productive days already. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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