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Seguin, Haiti Medical Mission January 2011

Kelly, our 14-year old daughter on her first medical mission, called from the Matthew 25 Guest House on Thursday, 1/13, the day they arrived. She loved playing with the kids in the tent city which was a soccer field when I was there two years ago. The students from our group were amazed that the Haitians were singing so many songs in English, but of course, they didn’t understand the words. All together they were trying to translate from English to Creole and back again. The only other news I have so far is from Junior on-line that the clinic is going very well. Hopefully Tim will call tonight. Thanks for all your prayers and support! Paula

1 thought on “Seguin, Haiti Medical Mission January 2011”

  1. Kathy & Joe,
    It was really good to hear from you and that you arrived safely. It sounds if it you’re really enjoying yourselves. What an amazing trip. I’m
    proud of both of you. I knew Joe would enjoy himself. I know any latrine he builds will not be affected by another earthquake 🙂 Take lots of pictures. Be safe!!!! By the way…Both Jamie & Ashley had their babies Saturday.

    Miss and love you guys…See ya Friday


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