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Such an Improvement in 8 Years

Bob Swanson ~ First day of clinic was not quite as busy as we had hoped.  We only ended up seeing 57 people.  We think it was because this was market day and many of the people were there.  We do miss Daniel and Hannah who were here with us last year.  It was really nice to see Fr. Vilnor yesterday in Port-au-Prince.  We have pictures of the rebuilt church at St. Joseph Parish in Port-au-Prince.  He seemed happy to see us and told us to return to visit any time.  Fr. Leland has treated us like royalty.  He is always so welcoming and treats us very well.  It is great to see the window in the Church that St. Michaels funded.  St. Michaels Parish is so generous to this parish and has really changed the lives of many people here.  Tomorrow we will go to LeRoche to bless the cisterns and see the water filters that St. Michael’s purchased.  Really looking forward to seeing those being used.  Thank you all at St. Michael’s for blessings on this parish.  They are lucky to have you as a friend.

Don Swanson ~ Arrived in Port Au Prince Thursday.  Spent Friday morning and afternoon exploring the city.  An incredible experience.  The city still has a lot of damage from the earthquake from 7 years ago.  Drove through the market area and it took about an hour to move half a mile…  huge number of people and vehicles trying to share the streets.  I had a lost bag from the flight the day before.  So, we had to stick around Port Au Prince until afternoon until the bag arrived. Very thankful that it was found.  That bag had all my belongings for the week.   Today was our first day of dental clinic.  So, many young people needing to have a tooth or two pulled.  The dentists, Patrick and Pasquel, are so efficient yet compassionate how they do their business.  All the kids seemed so relaxed as they were getting their teeth pulled.  I did mostly assist work for the dentists…  setting up syringes and giving utensils.  There is so much need here in Haiti.  It can be overwhelming.  Yet, I think the small things that are being done by St. Michaels are making people’s lives better.  I have heard so much about the well in front of St. Joseph that was put in a number of years ago by St. Michael’s.  It truly is a blessing for them.  The water is being drawn non stop.  That affects so many people’s lives.  Tomorrow, we will hit LeRoche to bless the cisterns.   Looking forward to this.  This has been a life project for my mom and St. Michaels to get water to as many people as possible.  I am very proud of the work she has done.   Coming up this week we will be trying to set up a latrine for Thome.  We also have 4 more extraction clinics and fluoride applications.  More to come………

Louis Gula ~ It’s hot here in Haiti, but Tim and Lavina are asking me every hour if I have taken water. I am religiously. Such an improvement in the facilities since St Michael’s first group came to make a twinning commitment to St. Joseph’s 8 years ago. The water well is providing the community with safe water, the church is built, the old building that held Mass in those days is now a school with a second story for more class room space. Congratulations St. Michael’s for your commitment to this project. We had a visit with Father Vilnor, who was pastor at my first visit. He is in St. Joseph – Port-au-Prince, and was recovering from pink eye. He was happy to see us, and sends his regards.

LaVina Dise ~ Today is our first day at the dental clinic and we had 59 patients and 68 teeth extracted. It took too long to get started with packing and then setting up, but we did get started at 11:00 AM. Today was market day so there weren’t many people there. Hope tomorrow is better. It is hot here but I love it. Maybe it is the Prestige that I love. Rosanne, I’m thinking of you. Father Lalande said he would like to visit us this Aug. if we can work things out. He well be in New York so we would just get him from there and back. I am thankful that I am here and blessed in so many ways. Thank you everyone for making it possible for me to be here. Father is so nice and is glad we are here. We had a wonderful meeting. There is so much to share with you when I get home.  As Louis said we visited  Father Vilnor in  Port-au Prince at St Joseph. He was so glad we came to see him and asked if we could come again.

Tim Ryan ~ All is well with the team.  Set up the clinic today and everyone quickly learned the routine of the clinic.  Looking forward to next 4 days of clinic, and hopefully we will be able to receive the pain of all that seek out our help.

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