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Mary LaPonsie Sunday am Update, 1/31

Very slow computer.  Power goes out a lot, so I’ll send this in short spurts.  PLease pass it on to others.
We are down to  21 team members.  Bill & Jane Johnson and Tom Reichter left on Friday.  They drove through the DR and flew home on SAturday.  Tim arranged for Troy Silvernale and Peter Freis to get home via the Amway plane yesterday.  That gave them another day and half in Haiti, and they got home before Tom, Bill and Jane.
It is Sunday, and we will be touring the city a bit.  Hope to get to Mother Teresa’s, the capital, the cathedral and Patrick’s tent city.
We have been running 4 clinics.  One at our Methodist guest house, out side in the back.  One at Grace Children’s hospital.  I think that one might be outside, too.  I haven’t been there yet.  I have been working at Pastor Roro’s clinic.  Pretty good set up.  Great croud control by Michael Petrella.  We have also been sending a couple people to help at Matthew 25 House.  They now have 2,000 patients living on their soccer field. 
Yesterday, Dr. Ron Hoekman and others from our team performed surgery on a 17 year old who had been walking about with a bad leg for one year.
More on that in the next email.  Mary

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