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Sunday, January 15th

Anna Babkowski- Dental Team – Jan. 15th- Hi everybody;
Our second day in Seguin. Day started with an early morning visit of a woman who was pregnant and in labor. All the medical personnel took her to the clinic to evaluate and see how we could help her. The rest of us went to church as usual for Sunday, praying for the young mother and her baby. Church as always was filled with people dressed in their Sunday best. I had a chance to take some pictures before church with some of the kids, and their clothes were crisp clean and may have been the only Sunday outfit they have. Then off to work in the dental clinic. I’m a dental hygienist and this is my second trip to Haiti. After last year’s trip I came home with a plan. I saw how many teeth we had pulled and thought about starting with the young generation and doing some prevention. It took months, lots of phone calls, determination and believing in my vision. With the help of many organizations and their humanitarian contributions, I was performing prophylaxis and doing sealants on school kids today. You imagine what kind of change we can see in a few years. I did about 17 sealants today in half day clinic. Andrea is an awesome assistant. The dental clinic is not one of the most pleasant places for kids to visit, so one has to take their time and not scare them and show them that it doesn’t always hurt like pulling a tooth, dental experience can be positive. Mother Teresa was asked how many people she can help, and her answer was ‘one at a time’. She had a vision, so do I. Please keep our team in your prayers. The pregnant woman was taken to Jamal hospital 3 hours away had a c section delivering two little girls who were quite healthy.

Lori DeBruyne – Triage – Jan 15th
We woke up at 6:30am and there was a woman at the rectory who came to tell us she was in labor and needed help. The men and the interpreters went to clinic to examine her. They realized she was ok, however, the baby was in distress. Eli, (a Haitian doctor) took her to the nearest hospital in Jacmel. At the hospital the doctor delivered TWINS. Needless to say, the woman was VERY surprised!- all was well and the mom and babies are great!. We went to church at 9am. Church in Haiti is 2 hours long. We started clinic and it was very busy! We worked until 5pm and had many interesting cases. One little boy came in with a huge lump on his head. It was the size of a small baseball growing out of the top of his head. Dr. Bruce Murray shaved the boy’s head and cut the tumor off. It was full of puss as it was a fungal infection. Dr. wrapped his head in bandages and now on Tuesday we will see him again to change the bandages. I got to hold a lot of babies today! It was a good day! We had a few cases of scabies. Most of all the people are needing vitamins and nutrition. Betty and I in the triage area with an interpreter named Tony. He was such a great help to us. I am learning a little Creole. I am looking forward to tomorrow! God bless!

Jim Cwengros – Medical
Another good day helping those in need – pregnant mom in distress, a number of abcesses, and fungal infection with secondary infection. Good team working well together. Saw Messenge today who is the farmer Rita and I have “adopted”. Felt good to see him and hear his family is doing well. I’ll see him tomorrow in the medical clinic. Thanks again for support of family and all the support of Holy Spirit to make these trips possible.

Thank you Holy Spirit from Betty Krauss
These people are in such great need of your help. I saw today so many people who had very poor quality or no shoes at all, and hardly any coats. They always do smile and are so appreciative of our clinic. The fact that we again helped a mother and her twins be delivered is such a miracle. Still waiting to see my little baby girl and her father. The church service today was beautiful, and we were welcomed with such great smiles. Please continue to pray for our team, and I love you all. Do miss you, Rita.

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  1. To brother-in-law, Jim & all the team. My prayers are with all of you, and to all you serve….with the grace of GOD.
    Love, Ruth Ann

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