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Sunday, January 16

From Tim: The medical clinic is up and running well. They have already seen lots of patients. In the dental clinic, the dentists are doing restorative work. Tomorrow some team members will be showing educational hygiene videos to the school children. Today at church, Tim did some cholera education and asked people to raise their hands if they have ever had diarrhea. Lovely topic to discuss at church. He also introduced Kelly and had the congregation repeat her name, so lots of people are coming up to her and saying, “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly.”
From Kelly: Junior, Andrea, and Kelly went for a one-mile run this morning, and Junior had a hard time keeping up with Andrea. Kelly said how sad it was to see a 14-year old boy (someone her same age) who weighed only about 75 pounds and only came up to her shoulder. He was too small for the adult Tylenol, so they gave him the children’s dose. She enjoys working in the pharmacy with Paul and Mary. Betty and Joan have been dancing and making everyone laugh. Kelly is amazed that so many people know Tim – she said even a two-year old little boy says, “Tim, Tim, Tim,” everytime he sees him.

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