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Kelly Ryan (daughter) Team Two is on the Way

Team two is currently on the ground in Haiti after leaving from Grand Rapids around noon today. As many of you know, Amway generously let them use their jet for the going-to trip. I went to the jet hangar to see my dad and his team off. Even though the jet was amazing the thing to remember was that this was God working through these kind people. He meant for the trip to happen and by his power it did. It was very exciting seeing the team off. The workers that worked the hangar let one of the doctor’s children listen to the pilots through a radio. The jet drove around to the end of the runway and took off. We could see the team waving to us. Everyone shouted “Goodbye!” and “Have a nice trip!” until one of the kids told us to stop because the team couldn’t hear us no matter how loud we were. Keep Team Haiti in your prayers. -Kelly

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