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These Past Two Days Have Been Wild

alyssaAlyssa ~ March 30, 2018 ~I LOVVVVVEEEE HAIIITIII<33 The strength of the people here truly amazes me. Haiti is filled with so much love, and it can be seen through all of the people here. This is my second trip to Haiti, and I have learned so much from coming here both times, and I will continue to learn throughout this trip. I love being surrounded by this much love and being able to experience the culture here.

emmaEmma Moore ~ March 30~ I missed my friends in Haiti, like Baby, and everyone else so much! It’s so great to be back here and helping the people of Haiti. This trip is a little different than the others because we have to go to church three times because it’s holy week. The Mass is very long, like almost two hours, but it is cool to see and hear the Mass in another language. Today we organized gift bags at the school to hand out to the kids, and tomorrow we are tarping houses. I love Haiti, but I can’t wait to be back home with my family!

ERIN2Erin Mangan ~ March 31~ Today was a very good day in Seguin! We traveled around, putting tarps on houses. We met so many new people, who were so grateful for the tarps. A lot of kids came to help us as we walked around. They were so cute, but one kid was chasing me with a snail 🙁 I’m having such a good time here, and I’m sad that tomorrow is our last full day in Seguin. I miss you all, and I can’t wait to share stories!!

colleen2Colleen Ryan ~ March 31~ I absolutely am loving this trip! Today we put tarps on cornstalk houses and walked through lots and lots of the countryside. It’s always great to be back with my friends from Haiti and to be working with them. The Masses have been pretty long, but the people are so joyful it makes the experience interesting and exciting. Yesterday was organizing the Haiti bags that Holy Spirit sent here. It was another long day, but the happiness when the kids soon receive them will make all the sorting worth it. I can’t wait to come home and tell all of my stories, but I will miss Haiti and these days so much!

BenBen Lankfer ~ March 31 ~ Today I was thriving! We hiked the most so far on the trip, and we saw some of the coolest sites. Our task of the day was putting tarps on people’s houses, and we went to houses in a forest. It was unfortunate to see the deforestation first hand, but everyone there was so grateful. Since the forest was higher up the mountain, you could see very far away. Personally, I’m a sucker for dogs, and when given
the chance to hold a tiny puppy, my heart nearly broke. We then walked through the lower parts of Seguin, and even though we had a run in with a couple kids with rocks, the clouds rolled in for the weirdest phenomenon. Overall, this day was tiring, but with a quick nap, I’m ready for more adventure.

BellaBela Karel ~ March 31 ~ These past two days have been wild. Yesterday, we unpacked and repacked about 600 bags, which was super fun. After we went back to the rectory, this kid declared me his “mi amor” which means “my love”, and is pretty persistent, as he has followed me around all day for the past two days. We walked 10 miles today putting tarps on houses, which was exhausting, but it was all worth it when we got to hold the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Even though the hike was tiring, the views were amazing, and so was meeting everyone who welcomed us here.

kendal2Kendall Krueger ~ March 31 ~ This trip has been everything I wanted it to be and more. I honestly feel like I have learned so much from this experience so far. The people in Haiti show an incredible amount of strength and compassion for others. I am starting to learn what life is really about. I’ve learned that life is about skipping a meal so the people around you have enough to eat, walking on loose rocks so the little girl holding your hand can walk on the path, or giving the bracelet you spent almost 8 hours making to the first kid who asked for it. Life is about putting God and others before yourself. Growing up I have always been taught the “golden rule,” but I have never really put it into perspective until now. My greatest example of all of this is Baby, constantly asking if I’m okay, tired, or need water when I know he is both tired and needs water. I strive to be more like him and everyone here. Yesterday we spent the day emptying, organizing, and repacking bags full of gifts for the school kids; it took nearly five to six hours of non-stop work, but it was so worth it to know how happy it will make the kids. Today we hiked almost ten miles putting tarps on huts, and spending time with the kids. They love getting their picture taken and playing with my phone. I love the kids here. They’re always smiling and walking with us everywhere we go. So far, I have nothing bad to say about this trip. I am more than blessed to have gotten the opportunity to come, and I will be forever thankful for this opportunity.

jackJack Schichtel~ March 31 ~ It’s Day 4 in Seguin. My hair is very greasy, and I could use a warm shower and a double bacon cheeseburger. Besides all these minor things, the trip is great. Today we spent the day putting tarps on cornstalk houses. There is a cultural word for them but I don’t remember it. Anywhere we went little kids would run up to us and want to hold our hand. We gave them these braided string bracelets. We are actually making more of them as I type right now. Tomorrow we have Easter Mass, and after we are going to do some more tarping, pass out water filters, and visit Ryan’s Peak.

Quam2Michaela Quam ~ March 31 ~ This trip amazes me. Everyone and everything here makes me…speechless. Today, I took a step back and saw all of the joy and beauty in everything around me. The people here fill me up with so much joy; my cheeks hurt because of all of the smiling:) All of the gratitude the Haitian people have for everything and for our group is incredible. I can give a little boy a hair tie, and he will have the biggest smile. Being away from America has made me realize that everything in the U.S. that I thought was important is so unnecessary. Today, we hiked ten miles around Seguin to tarp cornstalk houses. We were able to tour some of their houses, and when I saw that these people only had a bed, a broom, and maybe a pot, made me gain a whole new perspective for how life should be lived. Simply, with joy and a giving heart. This reminded me of the quote, “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” Though these people have nothing, they are the happiest people I have ever met. I am so thankful for this opportunity to come on this trip. God has blessed me more than I have ever realized.

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