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Tour of Port au Prince

Miriam Brooks- Today was our second day in Port-au-Prince, and we were very busy! Our first stop was the National Museum which was very interesting! We were able to learn a lot about the history of Haiti. Afterwards, we walked around the ruins of the Cathedral, which was destroyed in the earthquake. My favorite stop today was up the mountain at Radio Tower Hill. The view of the city was amazing, and we had quite the experience bargaining with multiple people trying to sell us items at the same time! I am very excited to head up the mountain to Seguin tomorrow! It will be an unforgettable experience! Keep us in your prayers!

Stephanie Kaminski- Our flight here was amazing. Looking over Haiti was absolutely beautiful. When we got down on the ground Haiti was nothing that I expected. I love it here! It is sad seeing what it’s like here, but it does make me appreciate everything that I have in Michigan. People are always coming up to your car trying to sell you stuff or do stuff to get money. All the little school children are the cutest things ever! I just want to take all of them home. We went to Radio Tower Hill, which is a look out over all of Haiti. It was so beautiful. People were all crowding around us though trying to sell us stuff. Even if we said no, they would keep asking or show us new things to buy. I will definitely never forget it here, and will probably come Junior and Senior year too.

Kelly Ryan – My fifth trip to Haiti has been relatively uneventful which is a big blessing. This is honestly my favorite country in the world and I plan on living here someday. Tomorrow we will be heading into the mountains and passing the memorial at the site where Jim, Rita, Mary, and Matt lost their lives on my third trip. Not a day goes by that I do not think of the accident, but it is because of them that I keep coming back. Returning to Haiti is my way of carrying on their legacy for years to come. I love Haiti and I cannot wait to get to Seguin and spend a week with the greatest people in the world!

Patrick Truskowski- Between the bug bites, hot weather, and people trying to sell you something everywhere you turn, my trip has been amazing so far. I have fallen in love with the country due to the wonderful people. I played soccer with some kids today and scored a goal. It was very exciting and fun to play. The best part of the trip so far was the drive. Driving 6 inches away from a car going the opposite way, and having no stop lights or signs made the drive very interesting. Tomorrow I am looking forward to going to Seguin and can not wait to play with the school kids there.

Lauren Buczkowski- This trip has already changed my life and it’s only been two days! Waking up to 90 degree weather was completely amazing. After breakfast today we made our way to a museum to learn about the history of Haiti. On the ride there, I took tons of pictures because the little school girls and boys are too cute to resist. In my perspective, the best part about this trip so far is just seeing the smiling faces on all of the people of this beautiful country. “A smile is truly the only thing that can be understood in any language.” Aside from all the traveling today, there’s a soccer, or futbol, field next to the guest house and a few boys are always asking to play with them. A short paragraph doesn’t even slightly express how amazed I am about this place. I’m honestly speechless and this trip is surreal. Haiti is gorgeous and the people are beautiful. I can’t wait for Seguin and all the memories to come!(:

Chris McWain- So far, Haiti has been the most interesting trip in my life. Today, we visited the radio tower hill, the museum of the history of Haiti, and the supermarket. And every drive around the city has amused me. The way that they drive around town is only describable as a machine working in hesitant harmony. They have no form of street control, only the driving instructions they were given to be able to drive. Every day, after we are done traveling through the town, we managed to have a little group of boys who wanted to play soccer with us. They seem to have an innate ability to play the game with such skill and agility. I think this because when we first got here, we saw 2 boys playing a game similar to soccer, but with a tennis ball, and they appeared to not have played an actual game of soccer with an official ball in quite a long time.   I’m not entirely sure how the rest of the trip will go, but so far, I am thoroughly impressed with this trip in Haiti.

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