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Tuesday, January 16th

Hello from Betty Krauss I am still enjoying the clinics very much. This year for the first time we are weighing the babies under the age of 3, therefore I got to hold so many very cute children. I was honored. My family came to the clinic, and I again got to see Daneilla, who is now 4 years old. She had on some of my granddaughter’s clothes and it has made my whole trip. I cannot go into detail, but there have been many people who would possibly not have made it if we were not here. It is amazing that these people were brought to our clinic and we got to see them. Again, thanks to Holy Spirit for all of your support.

From Shirley Mike finished putting in the new windows in the dental clinic today. They are going to be great at keeping out the dust. I did ask him to put in a line to hang curtains on to keep the kids from hanging on the window grate to see inside. Did a little hand holding today, which I enjoy doing to offer comfort and keep hands away from their mouths. Brice had a boy who was hanging onto him. So I unlatched him. A boy in the next chair was scared but he did great. The weather has been warmer this year just as it has been in Michigan. The dentists have pulled almost 500 teeth with a half day to go.

Kelly Ryan: Pharmacy Superhero – This week has been so great! In the pharmacy, we were able to see all of the people who came through clinic twice unlike the doctors who only get to see about 1/5. I’ve even gotten better at reading “doctor handwriting” which was a task that I thought to be impossible. Now instead of going to see certain doctors every half hour I see them every 45 minutes which is a great achievement. We have a lot of fun in our pharmacy and spend a lot of time either running to fill each prescription or just doodling. We ended up with a lot of backups because of the hypertensive medication that had to be split. If I never see lisinopril again in my life, I will be a very happy person. I get so excited to see orders with just Tylenol and vitamins that it could be considered criminal. It’s a competition between Izzy and me to get the easy orders and to avoid the difficult orders. Junior is teaching me Creole and I’m doing pretty well. I know the alphabet, basic verbs, and some nouns. I get a new list each night and I’d like to think that I’m improving. Maybe. I <3 Haiti so much and I can’t wait until next year!!!!!!!!

Anna Babkowski from the dental clinic ,day 3. Today I was able to see 5 kids and did 22 sealants. Yesterday the dental unit that I worked on broke for reasons unknown to me and I had to set up new one in the morning. All new to me, but if there is a will there is a way . Otherwise the day went smoothly, I got out a bit from the dental clinic and saw what was happening in other areas of the clinic. Got to hold an 11 day old baby, sooo cute. In the morning I was able to see a burn patient, a woman that has a history of seizures and fell in to cooking oil burning her legs pretty badly. All was so infected that Dr, Bruce had to send her to Jacmel to the hospital, she needed a lot of debridment and more care that we could offer her, here. After seeing school kids for the past few days I came to the conclusion that there is not enough brushing happening. Maybe a program to have them brush at school after lunch under supervision would be a good idea. We will look in to that. There are many more years to come of my services to this community, absolutely love Haiti. Love and peace to all of you at home.

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