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Tuesday, January 18, Continued

Today I was in the medical clinic. It’s my favorite place to be because even though in the States I can’t buy a lotto ticket, I can make diagnosis and examine patients. I get to check for anemia in kids and bandage wounds. Just yesterday I got to help debris a burn victim, and the day before that I got to help cast an arm that had been free floating for a year, after a wall had fallen on his arm and snapped it at the elbow. I never thought I would be able to do things like this. Sometimes the doctors let me do patient consultations and assist in perscribing antibiotics. This trip has exceeded my expectations, and I love it. It kind of makes me not want to go home. But there are certain things I do miss about home: a hot shower and running water. We have been washing our hair and teeth off of the balcony. Things are a lot nicer than the conditions I thought we would be living in. We have indoor plumbing and the food is good. The funny part is going to bed before 9 and waking up (without an alarm) at 6:30. I never thought that would happen. Hanging around the house has been a lot of fun listening to music and our interpreters are fun. I’m really comfortable here and I don’t really miss Michigan. Plus, every morning we wake up, we have the prettiest view of the mountains! It’s breathtaking and definitely sets you up for a good day.
-Katie McGuire

I’m a pharmacist in the clinic, that has been my job for the past four days. We have rice and beans for EVERY meal…and it’s good. I definitely don’t want to go back to Michigan. There are a few things that I miss like Wi-Fi (Internet), hot showers, and clean clothes. I mysteriously wake up at 3:44 and hate it. Also the donkey and the rooster could be gone with their noises at night. Also for the past four days we have had chicken for dinner and the rooster is sill alive(o.0). It seems like they have an unlimited supply of chicken. Well I hope to have a good day tomorrow, 1/18/11.
-Pawel Babkowski

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