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Tuesday, January 18

*What an experience. The people are beautiful, and so appreciative of what we do for them. Sunday mass was very emotional. Tim did an exceptional sermon and the rosary made by Joyce was given to the parish. It really is a trip up the mountain with lots of bouncing back and forth. I am sick of rice. Miss all of you. More stories to follow, Love Betty Krauss*

*When we arrived in Port Au Prince I was amazed by all the rubble. I actually thought that there would be more than what I saw. The ride through the city was very moving. The tent cities were very crowded and unsanitary. The tents were ripped, close together, and thin. The market is right in front of the slums so it smelled horrible. I got a little motion sickness on the ride up the mountain. It was my first time ever so I blame Junior and his crazy driving. The Sunday mass was very beautiful. The choir sang out to the music of one drum and a flute. All the kids know my name and say “Kelly! Kelly!” In the clinic I am working in the pharmacy with Mary and Pawel. Tomorrow we are going to play soccer with the kids! More stories later but I am having a great time! Kelly Ryan*

*Thank you to everyone who made baby blankets and ponchos for Haiti. The people are so grateful for your kindness. When I see a baby wrapped in a towel and the little children shivering as they wait for school to begin I think of all the women who have taken their time to help keep these children warm. We may not be able to give them medicine every day but we are keeping them warm every day with your generosity. Thank you. Joan Bissonette*

*Long day at clinic seeing mostly primary care patients. We did have good news that the mother we took to Jacmal had her baby and all is well. Elli forgot to ask if it was a boy or a girl.
Our patient last night seems to be doing okay. It’s 5:30 and they just showed up to have us look at him again. He was supposed to come this morning. That’s Haiti time. Tim

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  1. Dear Tim and Team! God Bless you as you Bless the people of Haiti. We had an awesome time only a week ago… Praying for your safety too as I watch the news tonight. God Bless and God Speed. Play with those gorgeous kids some for me too! Enjoy your time in Haiti. ~DeLynn Unema

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