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Welcome to Seguin, Haiti!

Bruce Murray MD- Saw a lady today 37 years old with liver failure and gangrene in the lower legs. Sent her to hospital after some meds. The people here are great. We also got to see a wedding where the people rode in on donkeys. Really cool. The trip up the mountain was neat, got to see an amazing sunset, GOD is wonderful.

Michael Petrella, manual labor – We had a great start to our clinic today. We set up the dental and medical clinic just after breakfast. After about an hour or two the doctors and dentists were seeing patients. I was able to perform about six small fix-it projects and started to wire and install a sump pump to get water up to the roof to the holding tank so our living quarters has water for the toilets and the showers. Very cold water I might add. The pump will take the place of Haitians carrying the water in a bucket up a ladder and pouring it into the holding tank. The kids in Seguin are so happy to see us and they love to hold my hand as I walk up the hill from the clinic to the rectory. I have fun trying to talk Creole with them and they teach me new words everyday. Everyone in our group works very well together, and I’m sure we are going to have a very productive week.

Kelly Ryan, Pharmacy Master – Yesterday’s trip up the mountain was very eventful to the point of not even being able to say everything that happened. Today, our first day of clinic, was a success. I worked in the pharmacy where I distributed medicines. The average prescription was Tylenol, Pepcid, and vitamins. There were seven weddings at the church today which was very cool to watch since it was just outside the door. After clinic today a few of us went for a walk with a lot of the kids here. One girl was attached to Izzy and me and taught us a couple of words. Oh and on a final note Mimi, our Creole kitty, says hello.

Izabella (Izzy) Babkowski, Whatever they make me do – This is my very first trip to Haiti and I already feel at home. Everyone is so welcoming, especially the Haitian people. Our trip up the mountain was long but the beautiful scenery kept me distracted, except when our truck got stopped because we lost luggage in a village 45 minutes away. We waited up there for about 2 hours and then we negotiated with the man for about 30 minutes about how much to pay him. Not the best part. Today was the first full day in Seguin and the clinic was a great success. I worked at the pharmacy and escorting patients to and from the rooms. I picked up some basic Creole words pretty quickly. The people here are so thankful and patient. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that you made their day, possibly their week. I’m very excited to get back to the clinic tomorrow. I <3 Haiti!!!

Lori DeBruyne- Triage area. We had a very interesting trip up the mountain to Seguin.- we were about 1 hour away from the church, (our final destination)- when a man on a motorcycle was trying desperately to get our attention. Our driver pulled over and was told that we had lost a suitcase back down the road.. – 45 minutes back down the road, and he said that towns people were trying to claim it. Finally after about an hour and a half, our driver and the man were back up the mountain carrying this 50 lb. suitcase. Now, the driver wanted 4000 gouds for doing his great deed. (which is about $50 in us dollar) – we finally talked him into 1000 gouds and $20us. This morning we set up clinic and started seeing patients at 11am. We worked until 4:30. Today was a good day, not too many sick people. After church we will be working a half day. Father Fayant married 8 couples today. It was unreal to watch. The brides rode on horseback and the groom was in a nice suit. We were able to wash our hair today (which is a huge luxury) it was freezing cold. But at least we have clean hair.. LOL! 
I was told I snore a lot, so I need to use a breath right strip tonight so I don’t make my roomates mad.. Ha ha ha. We had good food today at the rectory. Our dinner, the goat is already tied outside to the tree for slaughter tomorrow. We are expecting to have a lot of patients tomorrow after church. I am so blessed to be able to come to Haiti! Xoxox

Betty Krauss Notes to all of her loved ones from Miss Triage. I have been working triage again with Lori and it has been great. Fun trip up the mountain as we dropped the plexiglass window off the truck but it was perfect. Also, our truck had to wait for a suitcase that fell off another truck, so we enjoyed the scenery. All the members are fantastic and we are having fun too. I do miss Leanna but know she is in good hands with Mark and the grandmas. P.S. family, I’m doing great with my health. Love you all.

Peg Stapf –Physician Assistant. After weeks of worrying that I would find myself in over my head, I learned today that I needn’t have been concerned. The team here is amazing. Everyone is so supportive and caring, and the Haitian people we are caring for are so grateful for our work. With Dr. Murray at my side and the wonderful Haitian interpreters, David and Junior, we were able to attend to various medical complaints ranging from severe to minor. I was honored by the obvious respect our patients have for us. They look like they were wearing their best clothing into the clinic. Some have traveled by foot for many miles. They wait in line sometimes for hours. One very sick woman was carried in by her loving and concerned family in a makeshift carriage made of a chair with carrying sticks roped to the side. I learned that there is a different pace here and that we can neither predict nor control events of the day. Lessons very much worth learning for me.

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