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Working with Mission Teams is Always a Joy

Patrick Alziphat ~ Working with the mission teams is always a joy, because I learn so much and respect what I have in Haiti. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am rich, and I am very grateful for all you guys do in Haiti. Today we went to church, and after church we ate, and then we went to do clinic.  While we did clinic everyone just laughed and enjoyed the clinic. Although we started clinic late today we saw more than the other day, and still no one is complaining about how tired they are, and it makes me feel good to be around them because they know they came here to help, and no one is minding the heat or not having the luxury things that they have when they are in the United States. I know that GOD is in the team and with the team. I appreciate them all, and enjoy being around them all. I will pray for them all, and hope they come back again not only to help the people of Haiti, but to give me a job, so I can keep supporting my family.

Daniel Swanson ~ This morning the church was filled with people for Mass.  We were able to hear the choir that we have been listening to practice all week, who were absolutely amazing singers.  Even though we did not understand what they were singing, it was easy to tell that they truly meant everything that they sang.  Thanks to Patrick we were able to have Father Leland’s homily translated to us, and my Uncle Bob and I were able to speak to the people at Mass to tell them how thankful we were for how greatly they have welcomed us.  It has been great getting to know the people here more and more such as Pascal, Will, and both Patricks.  Today at the clinic even though we had to start late, we were able to serve over one hundred people.  Then after we are all tired we were able to come back to a huge dinner just as we have everyday. I am more and more thankful for the opportunity to come here and serve the people of Haiti everyday, and have enjoyed my time here greatly.

Hannah Swanson ~ Today was a busy, busy day.  We started off with an amazing church service with so many beautiful singers.  After, we headed off for another day at the clinic and served more people today with over 100 patients. It is amazing to see the help that we are giving to these people up in the mountains. The people seemed so grateful for our work which made all of us feel great.  The time so far has just been amazing and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us on this trip. You guys will love the pictures!

Bob Swanson ~ What a beautiful Mass this morning!  The church was full and the singing was great.  We spent the afternoon in clinic and had a very successful day.  It is so hard to see so many very small children having teeth pull because of poor tooth hygiene.  The dentists here are really doing a good job.  I have to say the Haitian children are very brave and do not complain while having their teeth pulled.  I am very happy to be on this trip and be a part of this project.  I am thankful to St. Michael’s Parish and to Haiti Needs You for all your support and commitment to the people of Haiti.  I feel that a lot of good things are happening here.  Thanks for the opportunity.

LaVina Dise ~ It’s anther day and a busy day. Mass started out at 7:30 AM and it was 9:30 AM when we got out. But it didn’t seem that long at all because the music was so good. I love to listening to them.. I am going to miss that music when I go home. Then we had something to eat and then off to work. We didn’t get started until after 11:00 and worked up to 4:30 PM. We had more people today than any other day. Thank God for today.

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