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1/28, Amazing

Wednesday Blog 1/28
Colleen Ryan: Today was the last day in Seguin for clinic. I had an extraordinary trip and I am extremely excited for many more! I’m going to miss the whole village, the mountains, the beauty of Haiti, the clinic, the children, and the joy of the Haitian people. They all were so content even though they had nearly nothing, and it made me wonder why I complain so often. They love us and we love them, and this makes the community complete. I will remember everything, but I’m still going to miss everything about Haiti. I am very blessed that I was able to come and would not trade the experience for anything. I wish I could stay but will come back next year and have a wonderful trip once again.

Joelyn Harkema: The last day. Mixed emotions. Seeing all those children made me miss my own yet I want to stay. These people…have nothing…yet have such joy. I agree with Colleen; I am so blessed. Our God is so great. He is all around us, in us and forever with us. He is here in Seguin and at home in Caledonia. Although we have to leave; he never will.

Kelly Ryan: This is probably my last trip to Seguin for a while because college will be starting next fall. Though I am undecided about my future school, I have decided that Haiti will most definitely be in my future. These people in Seguin are so amazing and wonderful that I want to stay here forever. I love that I have been able to have six trips to Haiti and five trips to Seguin. The people are healthier and better fed since my first mission five years ago. I have seen so much improvement, and I look forward to seeing more.

Nancy Mason: A week full of many different emotions, sights, sounds (roosters at 3 am!). Beautiful children, some poor, but in clean clothes and ribbons in their hair for school, and then some so very very poor, they are in not much more than rags and no education at all. But they are all God loving people, and in their joy I see God loves them very much too. I think about how blessed we are that our Heavenly Father chose for us to be born where we were, Jesus taught us to care for the orphans and the poor and the Holy Spirit instilled in us a desire to serve. This medical mission team is comprised of such caring, loving people. In addition to the medical care provided, members have given away their own clothes, shoes, earrings, glasses, towels, and food to people who needed them. The days in clinic are tiring, but at the end of the day, we would all come back and do it again! We are indeed “all one body” in the name of Christ, and as we work together side by side, Haitians and Americans to help others, it reminds me of something I used to hear in a wedding homily years ago – “ the best way to love Christ is to love others together”. I want to thank Joan Bissonette for making up the prayer /song booklets we use each night and that hopefully our friends and families have been praying with us and Joe Houdek for all the help he gave us with that and for posting all our information on the web page! Tomorrow is down the mountain – and a goodbye to Seguin; at least for now.

Cheryl Murray: It’s our last day. I’ve had an amazing time. Our American/Haitian team worked as one. In this remote mountaintop village of Seguin, we are all God’s children, sharing love and kindness on a journey until we join Him. I’ll be heading home changed, leaving a part of my heart here and taking with me immeasurable joy. I praise you God for taking me out of my comfort zone to experience your love.

Jake Murray: It’s been amazing. Throughout the entire week I have been blessed countless times. There are so many memories that it is hard to keep track of all of them, yet they all stick out so uniquely that it is hard to forget them. I cannot wait to come back next year. We are all in good health and spirits. Tomorrow we head down the mountain. Thank you for the continued prayers and support all of you have been giving us. This truly has been a life changing trip; how I eat, speak, and even think will forever be changed because of the humility, commitment, and contentment of these people of God. I cannot put into simple words how amazing everyone and everything is. While here, you become the person God calls you to be. After being here, the stereotypical American honestly disgusts me. I will no longer worry about if my outfit matches for school the next day, I will no longer become upset over the most basic things, I will no longer worry about food or what I will eat tomorrow. These people ask me constantly for food. For shoes. For a flashlight or mints. I can go home and open a lit refrigerator (which I can, by the way, set the temperature on, to the degree) and have almost any food I want. Multiple times this trip I have wondered why I was born in the states. Why not one of these kids who is so much more grateful for the littlest of things? Why not one of the widowed mothers whose child is freaking dying? Why? What opportunities will God provide me using these resources I have? I can only pray I take advantage of these opportunities, that I will not let them slip. These people have captured my heart. I will be back. Farewell from Seguin, Haiti;

Joan Faith Bissonette: Gary and I said we would take turns blogging on this trip but today being our last day I wanted to blog about my emotions. Our last day of clinic always touches my heart. It is the day we see the poorest of the poor. It is then that I know why I return to Haiti. They walk for hours to see us, they are dirty, they are hungry, they are so grateful for just a touch, a smile. I shake their hand and look into their eyes to let them know that someone cares. Today was the only day it rained and I thought what an injustice that those who came the farthest had to do it in the worst weather. I also wonder why I was so lucky to be born in the United States, How does God choose what country you are born in? The people of Seguin have a hard life but such a strong belief in God, it humbles me but also inspires me to be a better person. Thank you Holy Spirit Parishioners for your support, you are helping the people of Seguin to have a better life.

Ricardo Balmir: As always being with people who care about Haitian people living in extreme poverty in the country side like Seguin make me feel that I was a gift from the Lord, that’s why I want to serve them with compassion and love.

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