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Back on Smooth Roads

The group arrived back in Port au Prince. LaVina Dise ~  Today we have been on the road and visited everything in Haiti… that is how I feel tonight. We visited Mother Teresa’s Orphanage, and it was so nice to hold the babies again, sing to them and play patty… Read More »Back on Smooth Roads

Fluoride and Water Filters

Tom Badaluco ~ Enjoying living in my second home, Haiti. Once or twice asked why I come to Haiti, my answer is always, “Because I’m supposed to”. That may seem too simple to some people, but to anyone who has been here, they will understand my answer. Flying down here… Read More »Fluoride and Water Filters

First Impressions

Pat Defever ~ Thanks to Tim we made it safe and sound.  We did the wheelchair thing and were wheeled around the airport with Tim and Tom following.   It was great, and we were welcomed here in Haiti by Patrick with an air conditioned car.  Arrived at St Joseph’e after a bumpy ride.  It… Read More »First Impressions

St. Michael’s Team has Arrived

The St. Michael’s Remus Team has arrived in Haiti.  This week in LeRoche, they will be doing fluoride treatments on the children and assisting with the water filter project and the latrine project.  The weather report is … hot!

You Leave Pieces of Your Heart



Michael Kunzler ~ Staggering mountains, breathtaking oceans, wonderful people and a vivid culture perfectly combined to create one of my most memorable experiences to date. Rarely before have I been positioned in a group of individuals that cooperated in such an amiable fashion, never before have I had the pleasure of doing so overseas. Though the shock of being in conditions so polarly different from my (somewhat ridiculous) first-world standards initially led me to feelings of doubt, the resilience and support of both Haiti’s inhabitants and my fellow group members propelled me to realize the wonderful nature of this adventure. To say the least, the bar has been set for future trips. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to make such amazing memories.Read More »You Leave Pieces of Your Heart

Tuesday, April 3rd

Per phone call:  Today was spent playing with babies at the orphanage, buying artwork at Tin City, touring a Haitian museum, shopping at a grocery store, and relaxing at the guest house.  On the agenda tomorrow is writing blog posts and coming home.

Life Without Electricity & Internet

Per a phone call this evening, all is well.  The team delivered water filters and celebrated Holy Thursday Mass with six students having their feet washed.  Internet service is presently down, so the blog posts cannot be transmitted tonight.  We will see what adventures tomorrow will bring.

Hello, Seguin!

The group arrived safely in Seguin.  On the agenda tomorrow is delivering water filters and celebrating Holy Thursday with the parish community.