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Back on Smooth Roads

The group arrived back in Port au Prince.

LaVina Dise ~  Today we have been on the road and visited everything in Haiti… that is how I feel tonight. We visited Mother Teresa’s Orphanage, and it was so nice to hold the babies again, sing to them and play patty cake, patty cake and other games. I sure love their faces as I share God’s love with them. They seem to give more love back than I could ever give.  I sure had a blessed day. Thank you for all the prayers.

Pat Defever ~ Hello again. Lavina did a great job describing the orphanage we went to.  It was another humbling experience.  There is so much here that makes me want to bend down and thank God for the gifts He has blessed me with…..From the men and women on the streets trying to sell their wares to Patrick who is our driver.   He is an excellent driver and so aware of what we want to see and makes sure we are safe.    Then we have crazy Tim Ryan.  I have laughed myself silly today at his antics.  So much a Ryan.   Roseanne, you did not warn me!!!!    We shopped today, took a drive up the mountain on SMOOTH roads for lunch at an American food restaurant, and then to an overlook of the city and ocean.  Awesome.  Then to the orphanage.   Met a Sr. Paula who shared some stories with us.   She is in order of the Missionaries of Charity.   Quite a day.   Keep the prayers coming.

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