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2016 Student Team

Saying Goodbye to Seguin

Stephanie Kaminski ~ Today was probably one of the hardest moments of my life. I had to say goodbye to many people who have made such a big impact on my life. However, it wasn’t a goodbye. It was a see you later. I gave everyone my goodbye hugs and… Read More »Saying Goodbye to Seguin

Monday at the School

Colleen Ryan ~ Today was our last working day in Seguin. We taught the kids at the school dental hygiene and gave them fluoride treatments.  At their recess, we played with the many toys we had to give them. It was fun to see the little girls playing with the big… Read More »Monday at the School

Saturday and Sunday

Maya McAdory ~ Today was fun. Sitting in the back of the truck on the way to the mountains was a fun ride! Even though we got rained on a while after tarping, it was refreshing! Today was more laid back because of the rain but I’m having a great time.… Read More »Saturday and Sunday

Too Busy to Blog

Saturday night the girls were too busy playing with children to blog.  Sunday’s plan was Mass in Creole in the morning and hiking around Seguin in the afternoon including a hike up the mountain to the water source which is in a bat cave.  Monday will be more delivering of… Read More »Too Busy to Blog

Haiti is Amazing!

Stephanie Kaminski ~ It’s has been an interesting trip so far. We were delayed a day, gotstuck on the plane for 8 hours, and had to sleep in the airport. But other than that I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to come back one last time. We did water filters today… Read More »Haiti is Amazing!

Arrived in Seguin

The group arrived in Port au Prince this morning thanks to the American Airlines Group Booking which was able to get them on the 6:10am flight.  They went directly up the mountain and made it safely to Seguin.  They will sleep well tonight!

High School Trip Adventures

The flight that was supposed to land in Port au Prince was diverted to the Dominican Republic due to weather concerns.  From there, they are now travelling back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida tonight.  Tomorrow morning they will be on the 6:10am flight bound for Port au Prince.  Who knew that… Read More »High School Trip Adventures