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First Impressions

Pat Defever ~ Thanks to Tim we made it safe and sound.  We did the wheelchair thing and were wheeled around the airport with Tim and Tom following.   It was great, and we were welcomed here in Haiti by Patrick with an air conditioned car.  Arrived at St Joseph’e after a bumpy ride.  It was an eye opener to see the way people live here, run businesses and get around. One thing stood out was the colors of Haitian’s clothing, their buildings and vehicles.  When we arrived Father Lalonde greeted us with open arms and was so happy to see us. The food is delicious.


Today we went to Mass and thoroughly enjoyed their choir. Their music makes one want to sing along and dance too!   After a wonderful breakfast we went up to La Roche… that was an interesting drive!!!  Wow, how people can keep a car running is beyond my understanding.  We went up to the church and Tim gave the a lesson in why they would want to stay away from the sugar cane.  Got a few giggles there from the little ones…  These little ones are so cute I just want to hug and kiss them, but they do not come near enough….very shy.   We proceeded to do the fluoride treatments. We started out with just a line of little ones but eventually the older girls and a few men had theirs done too.  It was a neat experience for me.


LaVina Dise ~ The Mass this morning was wonderful. Father’s homily this morning was a blessing to me. It really hit my heart. Thanks to Patrick, I know what it was all about. At Mass this morning it was so nice to see the children and the people dress up for church. They do love the Lord. 


We went to La Roche and did the fluoride treatment with the children and even older people. The children are so sweet, and always smiling and they dress up in nice clothes. We also went up to Thoman to check on the latrine for the public school and found out that it had been built by the government and the school board. It is nice and is in the place where they were digging last year. We are doing fine here even though it is in the 90’s. I love it and the beer after working all day. 


Tim Ryan ~ It is very warm here… in the 90’s and very humid.  Tomorrow will be a big test for this team to walk around the mountains checking on water filters and re-training the people on how to use them correctly.  Our major latrine project is completed.  The government built the latrine at the school which was a big surprise being the government usually does as little as possible. More tomorrow.

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