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2/2 Update

Per Tim’s phone call:  The medical team continues to see hundreds of people daily at Grace Children’s Hospital, Matthew 25, and the Methodist Guest House mainly for cuts, bruises, infections, and debreeding wounds.  Today some doctors and nurses went to a tent city at Hospice St. Joe and saw 400-500.  Since there is no sanitation system, the flies from the raw sewage are everywhere.  They swarm around the amoxicillin when the bottles are opened.  The team members who worked there returned with lots of fly poop on their backs.  Dr. Jeff Link, the facial surgeon, got to practice his dentistry skills by pulling over 30 teeth today.  Some good news is that all the medical team members are staying healthy.  Tomorrow is their last day of clinics.  Thursday they will travel in 3 minivans on an 8-hour trek to the Dominican Republic and leave early Friday morning to return home late Friday afternoon.  We here in Grand Rapids are looking forward to hearing more about this amazing venture!  Paula

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  1. I’m so thankful they are all staying healthy and able to touch so many lives. Praying for them all daily and also now for their safe travel home and that they may transition back into West Michigan life easily. God Bless each of them and their families back home!!

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