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From Dr. Troy Silvernale

Hi everyone. The team in Haiti feels your prayers and felt that a lot was accomplished today. Troy says that things are in the clean up stage vs. front line disaster stage now. From where they are and what they have seen, the severely wounded have by now been evaluated or have not made it. Acute care is the exception, not the rule. Peter, Jane and Tom saw patients all day at Matthew 25. Lots of wound care, some compound fractures that were never set, and respiratory issues. These three late in the day went to a stadium where an Israeli hospital had been set up to assess any needs. Troy and Bill saw some patients today including kids at the military compound, but spent much of the day working out where this team, including those to follow on Tues. and Thurs., would do the most good. At least a contingent from their group will be working out of the walls of Grace Children’s Hospital. The building itself is not able to be utilized but 2 German physicians and some Haitian staff have a functioning OR and are seeing patients. The German team apparently has no supplies as their container “can’t be found” at the airport. There was a US military presence at Grace Children’s and Troy was enamored with their support. He met with a Captain, a military health officer and a Colonel and with their help has secured large amounts of water, a generator, fuel, and help getting supplies and other necessities. Troy feels that Grace Children’s (Delmas 31) is a good, secure facility. He knows of pastors that have churches/communities/neighborhoods of 500-600 that are in need of wound care and primary care. His thought is that these people can be gathered by local leaders and team members can go to them and triage to Grace Children’s. Pastor RoRo was in Jacmel today picking up supplies so the team will hopefully be able to connect with him tomorrow. This country will need our help for a long time. Keep praying. Katie

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  1. God Bless You All!

    You are on so many prayer lines!

    Be Safe, and know Dr.Dew is smiling down in Love at all you are attempting and accomplishing!

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