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April 2

Blog Entry 1 – From Seguin April 2, 2011

Hello Everyone, We arrived yesterday evening in Seguin just before dark. We had a beautiful trip up the mountain thanks to our drivers. Seguin is about 6000 ft. above sea level. On the way up we waved to many people who seemed surprised to see white people in a place where there are very few. Fr. Fayant and the people of the parish warmly welcomed us and fed us a wonderful meal.

The students that are on this trip, they are fantastic. They are getting along great, and it is interesting to watch their faces throughout the days. They have experienced their first bartering for souvenirs. It was very touching to watch them at the orphanage holding the babies and kids in their arms and not wanting to put them back in their cribs when we left because of the crying.

Seeing Port Au Prince and the destruction the earthquake left in its wake leaves us speechless. The people carry on despite their circumstances.


Larry, Family, and Friends, we are fine and Joe is having a great time. The mountains are beautiful and the people are so friendly. The kids at the orphanage were so sweet. I wish all of you were with me to take this trip in, but instead I carry you in my heart. Love you all, Kathy Leeuwenburg





Dearest all, We are all happy, healthy and well. For all the parents out there: the kids are all thriving and you should be very proud of how well they are adapting and how versatile they are. Truly a great team! They certainly have been great ambassadors of humanity and above all of their faith. All of them at Mother Teresa’s would have brought you to tears with all their gentleness and love. Be sure to ask them about their favorite rooster ( and his friends). Blessings, Gerri Farley




Paul, Gina and co-workers, I will never get “stressed” again over the little things. I have seen true stress. Not knowing how to survive the next day, how to feed my children and carrying five to ten pounds of things on my head, that is the stress that many Haitians endure day to day. Miss all of you, but feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to come on this trip. Yes, I am afraid of heights, but somehow up on a mountain top with clouds all around us, it is beautiful. Love to all, Mary Ann Vicini

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  1. brigid golembiewski

    Hi Rachel. Glad to hear things are going well for you. I can’t wait to hear about all your experiences. I’m sure the Haitian children are loving you! I pray that God continues to keep you(and your whole group) safe and healthy, and that this is a great experience for you. How’s are you liking the Haitian food? I wonder what the first thing you”ll want to have when you get back? Are you getting good pictures? I can’t wait to see them! Take care. I miss you and love you. Mom

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