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April 3

Our trip is already half way done, and it seems like it just began. This trip has been truly amazing. The one thing that really struck me was how dirty the towns are. There’s always trash burning and we have seen pigs going through the trash in the middle of the city, it was quite shocking. I definitely like Seguin better than Port Au Prince because Port au Prince was way too overpopulated and crowded. The landscape here is beautiful. We spend almost all of our time with the children here. Yesterday with the help of the interpreter, we officially brought the game of tag to Haiti. It was amazing to see how much joy a simple game of tag could bring to the kids here. They love having their pictures taken. “Photo” seems to be one of the only English word they know sometimes. I hope my family is having a good time in Florida, I miss you and love you all! Katy Miller



Last night was our first night in Seguin. The roosters went off every hour and the dogs wouldn’t stop barking. It took us seven hours to get here yesterday. The roads were terrible, but the views were amazing. Even though Haiti is pretty dirty, it’s landscape is breathtaking. The food isn’t bad, we had spaghetti for breakfast this morning. Shout out to Rick, Bridge,Lindsey, Dave and Brandi. Miss you guys and I’ll see you soon! Rachel Golembiewski




Haiti is the definition of a beautiful disaster. It’s amazing how people here live and how different it is from home. Yesterday was our first day in Seguin. We fitted kids with clothes and put tarps on homes. The people here seem so happy to see us all the time. I’ll see you in a few days Mom and Dad. Love You, tell Trav and Joseph I miss them. Taylor Tenbrock





The kids on this trip continue to amaze me. Yesterday we went throughout the village and found cornstalk huts that needed tarps on top of them to keep the rain off. Every where the kids go, they have a gang of young girls and boys from the village following them. They play soccer with them, hold their hands when they are walking beside them and always share their names with them. It was very routine when we started to tarp one hut, two or three other extended family members would come over and ask the kids to tarp their huts.




Mass this morning was beautiful. Most of the time I could not understand what was being said, yet it still amazed me. Everyone has such a strong faith even though things aren’t the greatest here. Yesterday while we were doing tarps the people here were wonderful. Each house we went to was accompanied with grateful and happy people. Whenever there is a task they are willing to help right away. Everywhere we go there are polite people greeting us into their homes. This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet along with some of the most beautiful people. Leah Vicini




This trip has been truly amazing, full of experiences that I will never forget. Visiting the children at the orphanage in Port au Prince has been my favorite part so far. Seeing how their faces light up with such joy when we walked into the building was amazing. All of the children are always so thrilled to see us and play with us, even though the kids are much better at soccer than we are. It also amazed me how much different Seguin is than Port au Prince. Everywhere you look you will find bountiful trees, mountains and hills. But even a place so beautiful contains so much poverty. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I am making a difference in these people’s lives. Yesterday was quite an experience. I am officially the first person in the group that got diarrhea. We were about a half hour from the house when it hit me. Knowing there was no way I could have made it to the house, I had no choice but to go behind a rock. Today I am feeling better though, thankfully. Love you, mom and dad, thanks for letting me go on this life-changing experience. Val Stacey.



Hi Larry, Family, Friends
Our morning began with a spectacular sunrise, followed by church and many smiles of greetings from the people of the community. It does my heart good to see the students interacting with the people here especially the children. A soccer game breaks out every so often and everyone joins in. Yesterday we hung tarps on 12 homes, today we have a similar plan along with a visit to the school. Tomorrow we’ll start working on the latrines.
Joe says hi. I know he’s having a wonderful trip. I think he feels happy that in some small way, our little contributions are making the lives of those we meet more comfortable. They need to enjoy some comfort; they have so little.
Love you, Kathy & Joe Leeuwenburg

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  1. So glad to hear things are going good for everyone. It sounds like it is an experience that will stay with you all a lifetime. The weather back in Michigan is cold and dreary. Taylor, we love and miss you (especially Snowbell) and are very proud of you. Enjoy your remaining time and cherish every minute with these wonderful people. Take lots of pictures for us to see too! Val, sorry to hear about the diarrhea but we knew if anyone it would be you! Keep us updated! Love, Mom (Kelli TenBrock)

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