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April 4

Today we started building a latrine. It took us all day to build about one and a half of a wall. It surprises me how resourceful people are. With minimal materials they still manage to build the things they need. All of the little kids are amazed by us. A group of ten or so are always following us around and asking us to play. We are going to the school tomorrow and giving them toys and school supplies. They are always so excited and thankful to get new things. They can be entertained for hours with a single frisbee. I haven’t had diarrhea yet. I hope it stays that way. Miss you family and I will see you soon! Rachel Golembiewski




Today half of our group put tarps on houses. It amazing of how excited and thankful a family can be from just giving them one tarp. Everywhere we go there are always people wanting to help, there is never a dull moment. Yesterday after coming back from putting tarps on houses a mob of vooduists came up to our cars and would not let us pass through. They gathered around the trucks dancing and chanting. Overall it’s been a good trip and a great experience. Shea Farley





Today I made a friend for life. His name is Joe. He and I played soccer with the younglings all day long. Then we helped the locals by putting tarps over their cornstalk huts. McKenzie Samuelson





Today I got sick. I feel better now. I also played soccer with the kids. We are almost out of water. Jakob Bergquist





Today we put up more tarps. While we were doing that I saw people from the rara. When we came back to the school all the little boys came up to all of us. They kept telling me that they loved me so much and kept asking me to kiss them. Every time they kept laughing so hard. It was awkward. Leah Vicini





Yesterday we got mobbed by voodooists. It was awesome. I haven’t showered in four days. Katy Miller





Today we helped build a latrine. It is amazing how much work it takes. The kids follow us everywhere and love to try and teach us Creole. The people are so thankful for everything we do. I’ll see you in a few days mom and dad, love you. Taylor Tenbrock





It still amazes me how much the kids enjoy us being here. They are all so cute. One of them called me a worm. I’m still not sure what he meant by that. They find it very entertaining when we try to pronounce their names. My hair is gross; dry shampoo isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. But everyone has greasy hair so it’s okay. I don’t have diarrhea anymore. Val Stacey





More tarps were put on the houses. More grateful people and excited crowds following us around. This afternoon I helped sort packages for the kids. Tomorrow we give them out. It will be like Christmas for the children. I’m so glad to be here to see it. We gave out some ponchos today and the kids loved them.  Joe was busy with the latrine today. He did well with the project and seems very pleased with the work and has bonded with his companions. We all have. It’s been a great trip. Kathy & Joe Leeuwenburg




Another good day in Haiti. I continue to be amazed by the living conditions around us and how little the majority of people in Haiti have. As we begin to put one tarp up on a hut, the “neighbors” come by and ask for a tarp for their huts. Most of the huts are dirt floors, with a cot to sleep on, not much else… The women look tired, rightfully so, and the kids come out of the mountains and surround us wherever we go. I had a chance to sit in on a meeting Tim had with the health committee of the parish. They hope to begin a program to bring worm medicine to two churches in the area four times a year. The health committee is made up of 11 local villagers who try and educate the community on cholrea prevention. Parents, despite all the blogging about your kids intestinal status, they are really having their eyes opened to a very different way of life and a better appreciation for life in the USA. They are a great group of kids, bringing joy into the hearts of the many kids that surround them here in Haiti. Gina and Paul, love and miss you. Mary Ann Vicini



The bunk beds at the rectory are the best! They are comfy and there is even a hook for stuff on each bed. Great engineering and space. We are thankful especially since we all tend to go to bed around 9pm. The kids are thriving, and have healthy colons after all Gerri Farley.

2 thoughts on “April 4”

  1. Dear Mom and Leah,

    We are glad things are going well in Haiti. Looking forward to your return. See you soon. Miss you and love you a ton.

    -Gina and Paul

  2. Kathy & Joe,
    I’m really happy you are enjoying yourselves. I’m really anxious to hear all about the trip and especially seeing pictures. Sounds like you’re really keeping busy. I haven’t read anything about the weather from anyone. How has it been? Enjoy your last few days and stay safe. I’ll
    see you both Friday night.

    Love & miss you guys!


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