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April 6

Yesterday I was overwhelmed when I saw hundreds of kids under the age of 10 dressed in clean school uniforms arriving for school early in the morning. We think that we sacrifice to send our kids to a catholic school. In Haiti parents must pay to send their kids to school, there is no such thing as a public education. The thought that the parents that have very little sacrifice and pay $100.00 to send their children to this school brought tears to my eyes as I greeted the pre-school kids in their classrooms. Our kids continue to amaze me. They welcome the hands that reach out to walk down the streets with them, play with them, laugh with them and they are very patient. You will see they have made many new friends by the pictures that they have taken to share with you. Today we built a latrine made out of stone, cement and water. The Mom of the home that we were building the latrine for was so appreciative, she invited me into her house to show me her beautiful baby. Even with very little and at least four kids to care for in addition to the baby, she brought us out four old wooden chairs to sit on and was very gracious. Paul and Gina, we miss you so much and are looking forward to seeing you when we get home. Love Mary Ann Vicini



Today I was sick. I stayed at the house and mopped the bathroom. It wasn’t very exciting but I did get to play a game of Angry Birds. It is our last night in Seguin and I will be sad to leave. We know most of the kids by name now, and they know us. I have made friends in a place where I wasn’t expecting to. It will be hard to leave not knowing if they will be ok. I can’t wait to see everyone soon and tell you all more. Love and miss you guys. Rachel Golembiewski




I cannot imagine leaving Seguin. All the children here are so sweet and I know almost all of them by name and the same for them. They have all become my friends and I feel like we have made a little family up here. Everything about this place is wonderful. Every day I am amazed more and more by some of the smallest things. Today I helped build a latrine for a mother and her children. While we were building it there was a crowd of little kids. Most of them were boys with toy cars in hand. It was nice to see those cars because they were the cars we handed out in bags yesterday. This trip has been wonderful and I am so grateful I got to be a part of many little kids joy. Before I know it I will be back in America to see my family and friends. Love you all. Leah Vicini




Tonight is our last night in Seguin. Before arriving I was expecting to be excited to go home, but now I can’t imagine leaving. This past week has been an experience that I will never forget. My whole perspective of life has changed because of these people. The fact that they can live a life full of poverty and go through each and every day with a positive attitude and a smile on their face inspires me. It will be very hard to say goodbye to all of the kids. We spend time with them every day, teaching them new games, handshakes, and learning new words in Creole. It will be sad leaving them knowing that all they have left of us is memories. But I’m very glad to have met them. They have affected my life far deeper than they can even imagine. Can’t wait to go home and share my experiences with everyone. Love and miss you all! See you soon. Katy Miller



I can’t believe today was our last day in Seguin. We’ve made friends with so many of the kids here. I can’t even imagine leaving them tomorrow. The people here are amazing. We don’t come close in comparison to the people here in Seguin and the way they live and act every day. They are all so appreciative for even the smallest things we do here. I’ll remember the people here for the rest of my life. Can’t wait to share all the stories when we get home in a few days. Love and miss all of you. Taylor TenBrock




I can’t find many words to describe how I felt throughout this trip, but one word always seems to come to mind: inspiring. The people we met in Seguin make the best of the very few resources they are given each day. Though some are starving, without clothes, houseless—they always have a smile on their faces. The love they have for each other is indescribable. Every time I saw a group of children, they were always either holding hands or carrying one another. Today we passed out Twizzlers to all of the children. A little boy was unable to get one, and I noticed an older boy came up to him and gave him his—usually not a big deal to most Americans, but this small action made me realize how much the children look out for each other. It’s going to be very difficult for me to leave the kids here. I will never forget all of their smiling faces. They have affected my life in a way I cannot describe. Knowing that we not only gave our labor, building latrines and putting tarps over houses, but also a hope for the people in Seguin is an amazing feeling. This trip has been an experience full of memories that will last a lifetime; I’m very glad I was given this opportunity. Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible. Friends, family—I love you all and will see you soon  Val Stacey



Hello Larry, Family & Friends,
We are packing our things and making ready to say good bye to all our new friends. I’ll miss this place with its children so eager to know your name and hold your hand as you walk from place to place. I know it’s in my heart to return here to help the people and watch the village grow its school and build better housing. In the meantime, we are heading home and I’m anxious to see you all. Love, Joe and Kathy

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  1. Rachel,
    I hope that you are feeling better and everyone at st. jeans house says hello and that they cant wait to see you, grandpa included 🙂 have a safe rest of your trip, i have been following you on here and it sounds like you are having an amazingg time!!! cant wait to see you and my fellow cousins..yes you Katy, Val, and Taylor and of course Brandi too!

    Val–Everyone loves your posts, some cant believe the things you say and just laugh constantly. are for sure a stacey 🙂

    Cave party? lol..miss you Rachel! cant wait to see you 🙂
    <3 Everyone at St. Jeans household

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