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April 8, 2011

Val Stacey

This spring break went by so fast; it felt like we just got here. It has been such an amazing experience that I will never forget. All of us students  got along really well and had a lot of fun together. Despite the roosters that woke us up around 4 in the morning every day, the dogs that howled periodically throughout the night, the diarrhea, the greasy hair; it really was a great trip because at the end of the day, none of that mattered. What mattered was that we were all there to help people who truly deserve everything that they are given. I am very proud to have helped the people in Haiti. They are all so appreciative of everything that we did for them. This trip made me realize how spoiled we all are back in the United States. We all complain about the economy, but at the end of the day, we all have a roof over our heads that don’t leak, a clean bed to sleep in, water to drink, food to eat, and a toilet that flushes. We are all so blessed with so many opportunities; opportunities that the people in Seguin would die for. What amazed me the most is how they make the best of what little they are given, and always seemed so happy with smiles on their faces. I will never forget the faces I saw, the memories that were made, and the lessons that I learned. I hope to have another opportunity some day to come back here. I am very sad to leave, but it’s time to go home now.

Rachel Golembiewski

This Spring Break has forever changed my perspective of the world. Everything you see on the news and the internet does not adequately portray Haiti. Even though there is a lot of poverty, destruction and filth the people are still extremely happy. They are so thankful for even the littlest things it makes me appreciate what I have even more. Going on this trip was one of the best decisions of my life. Even though not showering and getting waken up five times a night by roosters and dogs may not be some people’s idea of a perfect Spring Break, the trip opened my eyes and my life wouldn’t be complete if I wasn’t able to experience it.  The people of Seguin completely welcomed us into their city. Everywhere we went we were constantly waved to and asked to play with. Even when we were just sitting around little kids constantly surrounded us. They were amazed to see us and learn stuff from us What surprised me the most was how much we learned from them. They taught me to fully appreciate everything I have, especially the little things, and to always be happy. I will always be thankful to the people of Haiti for giving me the experience of a lifetime and also to everyone that helped support my trip! Love and miss you all.

Mary Ann Vicini

Interesting things happened throughout our visit to Haiti and I wanted to share with you one example that happened yesterday.  One of our interpreters that travelled with us talked to Dr. Mike and Tim and indicated that his wife had fibroid tumors and was in need of a hysterectomy and was hoping that there would be a way that his wife could get medical treatment from a US doctor. This morning while having breakfast at the Matthew house I was having coffee with a retired OB/GYN surgeon and his wife from Green Bay WI that was telling me that they had just completed a medical team where they performed numerous hysterectomies at a hospital outside of Port Au  Prince for woman that had fibroid tumors and that they were returning in early May to do another clinic.  I mentioned this to Tim and he spoke with the group leader and low and behold, they maybe able to take care of our interpreter’s wife when they come down in May.  God works in mysterious ways and this is only one small example where he has brought us together to help our friends in Haiti.  This has been a  very humbling experience and one that I will never forget.  If you are considering taking a mission trip, I would strongly recommend it. 

Joe & Kathy Leeuwenburg

We’re on our way home.  What an extraordinary experience this has been and one that should be repeated as often as the Lord can make my way clear. This morning on the way to the airport, I asked the interpreter if he thought the children of Seguin would think of us.  He said, “What do you think?”  I said I hoped they would think of us as often as I would think of them.  He said that while we are visiting there is someone to play with and some excitement.  Now life would return to being the same every day. That gives me pause to think for a very long time.

Joe says so much happened this week, he can’t put it into words. 

Gerri  Farley

It was a great trip with a great team.  These are priceless kids and I was honored to be a part of this Haiti experience.      




Katy Miller

This spring break is definitely an experience I will never forget.  Being able to help people with my closest friends helped us to grow not only closer but more mature together.  Haiti portrays a completely different aspect of the world than we see every day here in the United States.  The amount of poverty that they live in is unbelievable.  We take little things like running water and electricity for granted.  These people suffer daily to survive and raise a family, but you would never know it by their attitude.  They are the happiest, most positive people I have ever met.  They welcomed us into their homes with open arms and treated us like family.  The look on their faces when they saw a new tarp on their corn stalk house or their children with new clothes was priceless.  I will never forget the experiences I went through.  Just the people seeing us helped to make it known that there are people out there who care about them and their future.  The children followed us everywhere we went.  We became quite good friends before the end of the week.  The smile on the their faces as we gave them something so simple as a brand new soccer ball made all the sacrifices worthwhile.  I feel so blessed that my family helped to make this trip possible for me.  It changed my life forever. 

Leah Vicini

Haiti is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only the landscape, but the people. There was not one time I did not feel welcome during the trip. Each person I met has changed how I look at life. I am so much more appreciative for the wonderful life I live in America. We are truly blessed with what we have here. In many ways the people of Haiti helped me become a better  person. I will forever have the image of the little boys face who we gave pants to. Whenever life seems like it is getting challenging his face will keep me going. Never have I seen  people so grateful for having so little. Everyone can learn so much from the people we helped. I am honored to have been a part of making so many people’s lives better. I have left my heart in Haiti with each and every one of the children I have met. I have fallen in love with every aspect of Haiti.



Shea Farley

This spring break was a spring break to remember.  It was amazing to see how the Haitian culture compares and contrasts from the American culture.  In comparison, people of Haiti and the United States both have the same hopes and dreams.  For example parents want better lives for their children.  Parents want to give their children the best education possible for their child to succeed.  In contrast Haiti does not have the same opportunities that Americans are given and that are so easily taken advantages of.  Some of the children of Haiti have to walk two hours just to go to one day of school.  Most kids who attend school are given one meal a day.  One of the most memorable moments with my stay in Haiti was when we visited the orphanage.  It just amazed me to see a toddler eat their meal which was a bowl of beans and rice.  With their hands they would eat every single grain of rice that was placed in their bowl.  It’s crazy to think about what a blessing it is to have been born in the United States, to be placed with all opportunities.  I am thankful to be given an opportunity to visit Haiti because I believe Haiti has given me more then I had given it.  In the beginning of the trip I thought this mission trip was going to be all about helping people living in poverty but throughout the trip I learned that it was almost like a reverse mission trip that the people of Haiti made a bigger impact on me than I made on them

Jake Bergquist

This Spring Break was not about letting loose and screwing around. It was about helping others  while having fun. My experience in Haiti was great and I’ll be able to remember it for the rest of my life. I enjoyed our projects that we accomplished for the people, playing with the children and getting to know the interpreters. I had a great time with the people of  Seguin, and my friends who came on this trip. The parts of the trip that I enjoyed the most were playing soccer with the kids and the time we spent at the beach. This trip has taught me many things, and to be grateful for the things we have. We are fortunate enough to live in a country with enough food, running water, reliable shelter and electricity, and we should never take these things for granted. I truly had a great time on this trip and I’d gladly do it again.

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