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Art and Dentistry

Libby Maddox- After breakfast, we made our way to the school, carrying dental supplies to distribute to the students. We split into two different groups, which were also broken down in half. Half spoke to classes on oral hygiene and the other did art with pre-k. When Mr. Ryan explained to us of how to talk to classes presenting oral hygiene, I felt as if the whole thing was all-together meaningless. It seemed to be a miniscule activity. The effect of such a “miniscule“ activity, I realized, is much greater than at first glance. It struck me that there was an obvious improvement oral-wise in the children since the beginning of Mr. Ryan’s presence in Seguin. A simple thing like brushing teeth is a normal and bi-daily occurrence for me, which I have been taught to do from an early age. In presenting it to the students of Seguin, I branched my perspective to where I notice the little things of my life are exotic and foreign to others.

Sophie Vachon- Today we went to the school to interact with the children on our last day. The first activity I had the chance to do was draw with the preschoolers. This whole trip has been quite the culture shock, but looking into class rooms with barely enough desks to accommodate the overflow of children was hard to see. It was a bit strange watching kids who had never seen markers for the first time explore this new experience, but I’m glad I got to witness their pleasure in drawing for the first time. Seeing the timid children open up and communicate through art compensated for the language barrier, and was more intimate than the other interactions we have had throughout the trip. Again, this trip has opened my eyes to appreciate the little things in life; because something so small can be so big to others.

Kelly Ryan – Our last day in Seguin started off with teaching the school kids about dental hygiene and drawing. I take simple things like brushing my teeth completely for granted which I now realize as we taught students just how much toothpaste to put on a toothbrush. When drawing with the little kids, we drew a few sample pictures on the board to give the kids an idea. Little did we know that they would only draw what we drew on the board. I got to watch little kids who had never played with markers create new worlds on a piece of paper. As with all of my other trips, the hardest part will be leaving Seguin tomorrow. I love this little village and the people in it, and I really do not want to leave but know that I will be back soon.

Leanne McWain- Today was our last day in Seguin. We started off going to the school and teaching the kids how to brush their teeth and wash their hands. We also handed out tooth brushes and tooth paste to the children. Then we went out and played with the students at their recess time. We had fun playing Simon Says with the children and they thought it was so funny! They have the cutest laughs! The students also loved holding our hands at their recess time. Some of us would have about ten kids hanging on us; it was adorable! After that we got to color with the children. There were many children that did not know what to do with the markers so we taught them how to open them and color with them. It was so wonderful seeing, teaching, and playing with the children! I can’t believe that it was our last day, I wish that we could be here longer. It was an amazing eye opening experience.

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