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Dennis Defever

DennisHaiti is an experience I will never forget.    The small children are wonderful with

Those big dark eye’s questioning look that says, “who are these white people” you can just see their minds working.

And the babies at the Mother Theresa orphanage, we all held one or two of them and fed them suckers, did they enjoy that!  They are all so precious.  Volunteers are need to help take care of them, there are so many, probably over 100.   And then there are the very ill babies in the intensive care are with I.V.‘s running that need extra special care.

You cannot imagine or understand what the people of Haiti must endure each and every day just to survive.  We take so much for granted, clean water, electricity and bathrooms!   And enough food to have three square meals every day.

The women and children of Haiti must walk long distance to the well to pump themselves a bucket of water to take home for their use or to a dirty stream or creek to do their laundry.   Yes, we in the United States are very fortunate with all these luxuries that we take for granted.

As I see it, the Haitians people are a happy people and they love to sing and praise the Lord for the little they have.

We need to continue our support with clean water wells and medical needs they are so very much in need of.  WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPER.

Thank you for supporting Haiti and Thank you for the opportunity for me to be a part of the team.  It was an honor.


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