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Eye-Opening Experiences

Bob Swanson ~ We had a great day in clinic today.  Got there early this morning and put in a full day.  The dentists saw over 100 patients today.  It was nice to see some rain up in the mountains.  We did not get much rain at all at St. Joseph’s.  We went to a local school this morning to talk to the students about dental hygiene.  I was amazed at the size of some of the classrooms.  One room had over 140 students packed in the room.  Not sure how any learning occurs in that type of environment. Hannah and Daniel did a really good job talking to the kids.  I hate to see the week coming to an end.  Tomorrow will be our last day in the dental clinic.  I feel so blessed to be here in Haiti to share this experience with the group.

Hannah Swanson ~ Today was great! Daniel and I were able to go over to a near by school and talk to the kids about good dental hygiene.  It was amazing to see the difference in class size compared to in the US.  In one classroom, there were 140 kids which was shocking.  Meanwhile, the clinic was still running, serving over 100 patients again today.  We have one more day at the clinic and hope to finish up all the people who need help with their teeth! It’s has been an absolutely amazing trip, and we will see what else we have in store for the rest of the trip.

Terri Swanson ~ This is our last night in Fonds Parisian  There is a sadness in leaving Fonds Parisien tomorrow.It was a fun time and very productive.I will miss it it all except the hot, hot weather.  It was a special team with Tim, Bob, Daniel, LaVina, Hannah.

LaVina Dise ~ It has been a very good day. We met with Father Lalande and it went well. It was the 4th day for for our dental clinic today and had more people than any other day. Everyday we think they would slow down, but they keep coming from some where. God just keeps sending more people who need their teeth pulled. Thank God we are here to help the people here that need help. I sure enjoy my time with the team, Terri, Bob, Hannah, Daniel, and Tim. It is a wonderful trip and to think tomorrow is the last day. Thank you God for this trip.

Daniel Swanson ~ Today we were able to accomplish more than I could have hoped for. Hannah and I were able to go to a public school across the street and teach them about dental hygiene, one of which had over 140 children. It is a huge difference from schools in the United States, and was truly eye opening to me.  I could not have asked to be here with a better group of people, especially since half of them are my family, and getting to know the interpreters, drivers, doctors, Tim, and LaVina has been a blessing.  We have had so much fun while accomplishing everything that we came here for.  I think that along with the people in Haiti who we have been able to help, we have all gotten so much out of this trip as well.  I look forward to the last few days of our stay here and what is to come in them.

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