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February 7th

Maddie Sprite- I found myself laughing a lot today as I started bonding more and more with everyone here.  I met some super cute kiddos that I wanna take home with me. Although we got no sleep last night because of the dogs barking and hearing mass at 5am, LOL, clinic went well today.  I was able to get more hands on with helping the dentists and watching them up close.  I am loving every second here and really don’t want to leave.  This place is really touching my heart!!

Lauren Hathaway- I bonded so much with a couple of cute little boys today. Each time I walked past them I’d suddenly feel a tiny little hand reach out and grab my scrubs or stroke my cheek, or whenever they saw me outside I’d notice a cloud of dust as they sprinted towards me- and every time I look into their huge, loving brown eyes I was brought close to tears. Our translator told me they feel attached because I show them a kind of love they don’t get at home, and my heart just about broke. I could stay here and hold, cuddle, hug and love on them forever.    I also don’t remember the last time I laughed this often or this hard. Our group of Haitian dentists and the 5 of us from Michigan just get along so well, and there isn’t a moment when someone isn’t laughing or joking around. Haiti gives me a happiness down to my core, and I am still in awe of it!

Megan Braun- Today like any other day consisted of the barking dogs and me coughing all night so not getting any sleep… But the clinic was great. I got to help when doing cleanings and such on patients. The little kids love a hand to hold when they are being helped. It might be the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love walking by a classroom and looking in to see all of the kids smiling right at you. This place is amazing I cannot believe how excited the kids get when they are on their way to school. I never want to leave!! :))

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  1. Karen Sprite- I love reading all your stories. So rewarding,so giving. I’ll continue my prayers for you al. It sounds like a wonderful group. Bless your sweet hearts !!!

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