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Goodby Seguin

Leanne McWain- Today was our last day. This week was such an amazing experience! It was sad to pack up and leave to head back to Port au Prince. All the people we met up in Seguin were all amazing grateful people. I’m really going to miss it there! Before we left Seguin the parents told us we were going tarping one more time. We got to this huge hill and pointed to the corn stalk house at the bottom. We all got our game face on, got our tarps, and began a couple steps down the hill. Then all of a sudden the parents said, April fools! All the parents were in on this joke, even Father Gilbert knew! It was a really funny joke! On our way back to Port au Prince we stopped at the sea of Antilles. It was the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. We got to swim in the water, it was like bath water. It was truly amazing! I made lots of new friends this week. It was an amazing trip and I hope to come back another time.

Patrick Truskowski- Today was a very sad and emotional day. I had to face the reality that I would be leaving tomorrow. This past week has been the best one of my life. There was never a dull moment the entire week and with that I made friendships that will last a lifetime. The Haitian people are all beautiful and so friendly even the ones who tried to sell me things, but especially the friends I made in Seguin. It was even harder to say goodbye to the interpreters. I became very close to them as we acted like brothers. I will miss this place with all my heart and will never forget it.

Chris McWain- Today was the day we descended the mountain and headed back to the Matthew 25 house in Port au Prince. After we hit the bottom of the mountain, we went to eat lunch and swim in the ocean. The beach was absolutely gorgeous. The water was a crystal color that faded into a deeper blue. The sand on the beach warmed my feet and cushioned them. When we went swimming, the water had a certain cool warmth to it. It felt good to relax today. I am sure going to miss being on the mountain with all those beautiful people, but it feels good to head home. I wish the best of luck to everyone in Haiti and that I will keep them in my prayers and heart. Thank you Haiti for changing me for the better.

Stephanie Kaminski- Yesterday we got to go to the school and play with the kids. All of them were so happy to see us I even got stampeded and had to waddle like a penguin in order to be able to walk with the kids. It was absolutely adorable though. The smile on their faces brought the biggest smile to mine. On the way down the mountain we got to go to the beach which was beautiful. It looked like I was in Hawaii. The water hurt my eyes though and the waves were big. We are now back at Matthew 25. I don’t want to leave this place. I love it here and I would come here again in a heartbeat. It was by the way the best trip that I have ever been on. Hopefully I can come again next year. I now see that I could be happy without everything that I have. They don’t have half of the stuff I do and all of them were so happy. I will definitely miss it here.

Emily Ivie- Today we came back down the mountain. The trip down seemed so much faster than the way up!! At the bottom of the mountain we went to the beach and had lunch and swam in the beautiful ocean. The waves were huge and we had so much fun surfing them. We are now back at Matthew 25 House in Port au Prince. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am going to miss everyone here so much, and I’m going to miss our conversations with the most amazing interpreters Brun and Velio! I love all of you and hope to see you again soon!!!! <3 🙂

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