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January 12

We arrived on Friday the 10th and were so glad to see the warm sun! We left right away on our journey to Seguin and did not stop at Matthew 25 house as we usually do the first night due to our flight being delayed on Thursday. We had wonderful weather, and along the way we stopped at the seminary in Jamal. We visited with the sisters and had our road trip lunch there. We arrived in Seguin about 6:50 pm on Friday evening. It was really dark outside, but we were delighted to see that along the way … they have installed solar panel lighting. There are some lights in the mountains now! Setting up the clinic was pretty easy this year. We all helped, and it went fast. We started seeing patients right away. I worked on cleaning the instruments and sterilization. After the dentists are done with the patient, they bring the tray to me and I discard the disposable items and then throw the teeth away. Yes, it can be gross at times. The Haitian people have HUGE teeth. The roots on their teeth are 3 to 4 times bigger than ours are. The kids are happy to see us! We had mass Saturday at 7am, and Father Gilbert welcomed us. Sunday morning mass was at 8am. We had a busy day today in clinic and worked until 5:30. Dinner was served when we arrived back to the rectory. We are so glad that on the way up we were able to stop at the accident site and reflect on what has happened in the last year. The cross that the Haitian people built is HUGE and amazingly beautiful! Betty said a prayer, and we looked around and took in the site. Thank you God for allowing us to be here and share our talents and love with the Haitian people! Xoxox – Lori DeBruyne

As always my travels to Haiti are never uneventful. After alteration in our travels we got to our village safely and soundly. Needless to say I was very apprehensive on the drive up. We arrived to Seguin Friday night, and early Saturday already we were up for Mass to celebrate our friends’ departure. “Welcome our friends from Michigan and know you are HOME,” were the first words that came out from Fathers Gilbert’s mouth. That in itself was enough to convince me that I’m here for a reason. I love being here with those kids eyes wide open, not sure if they should smile or not but that is what they want to. The power of their survival, faith, pureness is enchanting. Clinic went well in the last two days. Lori and Betty are doing a great job for the first comers to dental clinic, and Lori even caught up on dental lingo. Great group of dentists as well. Today we did a few fillings with Dr. Peterson, and I went solo and cleaned kids’ teeth and did 13 sealants. …next three days are going to be intense, hard to keep your body weight on one leg all day long, because other leg is operating the foot pedals, and yes it’s stand up dentistry. Not complaining as this is nothing in comparison with what kind of pains people in Seguin have to live with on a daily basis. Today’s mass was priceless. I had to travel all the way to Haiti to understand the passing and sacrifice of our friends differently. Yes they are gone and it’s heart breaking, but today at Mass Tim said life is full of celebrations, good and bad, birthdays, weddings, deaths, and we living owe it to them to celebrate the spirit of their lives and keep them alive in our hearts and thru our actions . Thank you, Tim. As I’m writing this I am in the dining room … there is an adorable little puppy, Blue, digging in to the trash for chicken bones. Goodnight to all, till tomorrow. – Anna Babkowski

Hello again to all,
It has been a very full day here in Seguin. Our church service was very beautiful, and even held in the school as the church is under construction. They honored us for coming, but more importantly they honored our loved ones. Father gave a beautiful homily, and Tim spoke at the end, again honoring our friends. I did thank the people for having us here and told them again how much we cherish their true Christian faith especially through song. As a team, we work together well and the day goes by fast. I got to see the father of the little girl we sponsor, and tomorrow he is bringing her to the rectory. That will make my day. Leaving you for now, but please continue to keep all of us in your prayers. Love, Betty Krauss

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