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January 14

We were up at 6:30 and had breakfast. Clinic was at 8. There was a huge line already when we arrived. The school kids were outside and singing songs and prayers. The kids who were late for school (about 60) were left to wait outside and Father Gilbert had them kneel on the dirt ground for 15 minutes for punishment. The patients seem so nervous when they come in. It is hard to see them in such pain. In one day we saw 77 patients and pulled 208 teeth. A little boy had such an abscess tooth that his cheek looked like he had a golf ball in his cheek. We gave the patients toothbrushes and paste and explained how important it is to brush. The shoes on these people tell a story of their own. I wish I had a suitcase full of tennis shoes. I am thankful for great friends that are thinking of my family at home. Jill Pulte brought Brad dinner and Kristen Inbody baked brownies.- I am so blessed! We were able to wash our hair last night! We asked the kitchen girls if they could heat up some water. It was fabulous! We are sleeping good. The dogs and roosters don’t seem as noisy this trip! Hugs to everyone. Tomorrow is the last clinic day.
Lori DeBruyne xoxo

Dear friends, family and MFB employees,
Cheers from Haiti. Clinic has gone well. We saw 77 patients and pulled 208 teeth today. Tomorrow is our last day and we are going to clean and organize. I got to see my family again, and Dona is very cute and 5 years old. Haiti continues to touch my heart with the people who are so appreciative of what we do. The sunset tonight was beautiful. Our cross looks splendid where it is located, and there are cement benches around it. Miss all of you, and be careful with the snow.
Love, Betty Krauss .. do miss my family.

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