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January 16

Hello from Betty Krauss … We had a great trip down the mountain. The weather was beautiful and it was a very smooth, relaxing trip down. Our totals for the clinic hours was 427 patients we saw and pulled 965 teeth. We are now sitting at Matthew 25, and it has been fun meeting and seeing other missionaries who have been working in and around Haiti. Tomorrow we are going to shop, and possibly go to a museum. I cannot wait, however, to come home and see my family and all of you. I want you all to know, that our vision and work through Haiti Needs You and Holy Spirit is making a difference. It is an honor to be on this trip. Love, Betty

Hello from Anna …We are down the mountain safe and sound. Although there was a lot of apprehension about going I’m still proud of myself and my family on the decision me made. Dental clinic was success, we helped hundreds of people but as usual we still turned away many…which is sad. I personally pulled 15 teeth. So many to help, so little time. Matthew 25 house is buzzing as always, people from all over the US trying to help Haitian people, amazing all united in one mission. We are all healthy and well, and I’m very privileged to part of this group. Your warm thoughts and prayers are felt each day, thank you. Looking forward to a day of site seeing and street shopping. Love and peace, Anna

We are safe and sound and rested well! The trip down the mountain was great! Our driver Ricardo was talking non stop about all of the history and sights. We learned a lot today! We are at Matthew 25 House now. I was able to Facetime home. So blessed to be able to reach home! The village was sad to see us go this morning. We gave our shoes and shirts away. The kids were on the front porch of the rectory this morning waiting for their goodies that we may leave behind. We had a great clinic. We saw 427 patients, and the dentists pulled 965 teeth. We worked on restorative and also gave every patient a toothbrush and paste. We are already looking forward to our next trip as we are making up our inventory sheet. It is about 78 degrees tonight. We are relaxing. We had white rice, bread, eggplant stew for dinner. Mangos for dessert. We are looking forward to getting home on Saturday evening. Thank You to our parish family and friends for your continued prayers. Xoxox, Lori DeBruyne

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