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Just in…Wednesday’s Posts

stephStephanie Braun ~ Today was another day in the clinic! My favorite parts of the morning are watching all of the school kids run to school down the rocky/muddy hill. I got to help Dr. Mitchell again with giving suction. The young children who had to get their teeth pulled needed some real comfort, and I got to help do that. Through the pain we got to give out super cute hats and wooden trucks, which made them smile. One of the boys I know from last year took my phone and ran down into a classroom. When I finally received it back, it had a hilarious video of a group of students practicing a dance routine; it is super funny.

laurenLauren Buczkowski ~ We had to be at the clinic at 8 am this morning. Although it is early, walking to the clinic is my favorite part of the day because the school kids are all running down the mountain to get to school on time. It amazes me how clean the kids’ uniforms are. The girls have their hair done up in bows, and the boys all have on their fresh kicks. As the day progressed, we spent many hours in the clinic. Again, the children were super cute and strong all day.

ericaErika Simonds ~ We had a busy clinic day today! We did another round of fluoride for one of the younger classes at the school. As usual, we spent most of the day cleaning the school kids’ teeth and ended the day with extractions. It’s always sad when a little one has to get an extraction, but one of our doctors, Dr. Pascal, is amazing at comforting them. We had mini dance parties with the kids while they were waiting to keep their minds off the dentist! It’s been raining the past two days, so it’s pretty chilly right now. We had delicious cookies that taste like elephant ears to celebrate the end of a long day.

izzabellaIzzy Babkowski ~ Another busy day at the clinic! We started at 8am and didn’t leave until 7pm! Going to Haiti is definitely not a vacation, but it feels great being here and knowing we are making a difference. Today I mostly worked in the sterilization area and prepared trays for the dentists. I was also able to help teach a class of children how to brush their teeth, and then I put a fluoride treatment on their teeth. The kids here are well behaved and most of them aren’t scared of a stranger sticking their fingers in their mouth! We have music playing in the clinic all day to keep us going, and so many of the kids waiting for fillings dance in line, so cute!! After the long day we got home to a delicious meal and even got cookies for dessert! Looking forward to the last two days of clinic!

13 thoughts on “Just in…Wednesday’s Posts”

  1. Izzy, wow, 8 to 7, 11 hours, that’s a really long shift but it’s for a good cause. Is it hard to watch some of the things they do in the dental area? That’s amazing how nice these kids are, and how they don’t care what you do in there mouth. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  2. Stephanie ,

    That is hilarious that someone took your phone! I’m sure the video was very cute. I hope you making fun memories and we’re praying for you!

  3. Stephanie, it sounds like you guys are having a blast! It’s hilarious how they took your phone! It must have been adorable to see them with their hats and trucks. Did they get excited when they received the hats and trucks? Do they run down a muddy hill every day on their way to school? You are in our prayers!

  4. Stephanie,
    That’s it funny! I’m sure the kids are so cute. I hope you are having fun helping out the doctors. I hope the rest of the trip goes well! We are continuing to pray for you!

  5. Erika, I appreciate the work you’ve done for the kids. What kind of dances did you do? About how many kids do you have there a day? Keep up the great work, thanks!

  6. Stephanie: That is so cute how they too your phone and made videos!! Are the people there amazed by the technology that we have? Good luck on the rest of your trip!

  7. Lauren, that sounds incredible! Do you know where the kids go to school? Continue to do Gods work with the dental procedures!! You are always in our prayers! 💓

  8. Sounds like a long but fulfilling day! Was it hard to put the fluoride treatment in? Was their dancing different then ours? Glad the clinic is so fun! Our prayers are with you.

  9. Izzy: it’s great how you work so long, but but do it because it’s for a good cause. I couldn’t imagine working 11 hours in a day. Is the work you do very hard? I would imagine it to be fun because you get to be with fun Haitian children for most of the day. I hope the rest of the trip is safe and fun.

  10. I just say it enough, that I think you guys are so brave and courageous. I respect all of you and what you do. I hope you guys are having fun, it sounds like it. Stay safe and God bless!

  11. Izzy, it’s cool how all the children are happy and well behaved even though they lack basic needs. Sometimes I wish I could be like one of those kids. How bad were the children’s teeth this time compared to previous trips.

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