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Making Great Strides

Joan Faith Bissonette: Unbelievable! We finished clinics early today compared to yesterday when everybody was so tired out and many of us were a little under the weather. Everybody was in bed by 7:30 pm! A big shout out to our marvelous team. Dr. Marsiglia, Dr. Murray, Dr. Ralph (Haitian), Gary Bissonette, PA; Joelyn, RN; Cheryl Murray, Nancy Mason, PT. Dental Crew Dr. Mickelson, Dr. Paskal & Dr. Enya (Haitian), Anna Babkowski, Lori DeBruyne and our students running pharmacy Kelly & Colleen Ryan, Jake Murray (our resident magician) and Bear Petrella, our handy man Mike Petrella and of course the main man Tim Ryan. Everyone is ready to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever needed…priceless!

Gary Marsiglia: I first came to Seguin with the initial medical mission in 2001. At that time we saw a very unhealthy population with malnutrition, parasitic infections, scabies, goiters and multiple skin infections. In subsequent years we could see gradual improvements. My last trip here was in 2009, and now in 2015, I cannot believe how healthy the people look. We are really making a difference! By installing water filters, deworming twice a year, building latrines and giving the people medical education, the overall health in Seguin has improved. Our current medical team is working well together and we have seen around 1200 patients and still have one more day to go. Dental is seeing close to 80 people per day. We appreciate all of your support and prayers. We all miss our families at home and are looking forward to our return on Friday.

Bruce Mickelson: DITTO

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