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Mary LaPonsie (Jan 2010 team member)

Late post:  Sunday Jan 31 when we were downtown.

As I walked on the rubble and thought of all who perished there, I began to mourn. The seminary was the most solemn place. A dented chalice. A single shoe. Rosaries left by loved ones. Notebooks, pens, everyday items that were parts of the lives of the seminarians were strewn about. Left in the aftermath, as if it was to painful for family to carry those things away. I added a handful of dirt to the open grave, out of respect for the person who was left only half buried. Why was he left exposed? Was someone waiting for a blessing? There was no one there but us. Why didn’t we bury him? Were we afraid to interfere with someone else’s process? No. I think we were all just stunned. Tomorrow will be a better day.

4 thoughts on “Mary LaPonsie (Jan 2010 team member)”

  1. Mary: God is happy with you and your team. My heart aches to read and see the things that you all are seeing and feeling. Know that GOD loves you and so do I.

    I am praying that a Blue Butterfly comes your way during all of this. Take care of you and stay healthy. Keep loving those families and what they have had to fce. Love and prayers to you and the team.

  2. Thank you, Mary, and everyone for all of your postings. I pray for your safe return to Michigan and look forward to hearing your stories. Until you return to Haiti, I know the Haitians will safeguard your hearts.

    I am deeply moved by your walk on sacred ground. I believe that person in the grave was revealed to you because God knew you would carry that person’s spirit with you always. What a priceless gift.

  3. so incredibly difficult i’m sure! i think you guys will never be the same… how could you be? God Bless each of you for your willingness to be used as His servants even in times like these. i have been praying for all of you!

    Thank you for all of your hard work and love that was shown in the past week. With Love, ~DeLynn Unema

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