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Monday, June 10

Tom Badaluco. On my first medical mission I am very fortunate to be with a Totally dedicated group of both Americans and Haitians in Seguin, Haiti. This area of the country is very different than the island of LaGonave. It is much cooler and green. The hills of Seguin are covered with small farms.  Unfortunately the roads to get here are just as bad as those on the island. I also see here the poverty I have seen in other small villages of Haiti. I quote myself, “It just isn’t fair”. So I have rededicated myself to help wherever I can. The people of Seguin are very appreciative of the time and aid we give them. Driving in, they waved and smiled as we went by. With the good Lord’s blessing I’ll be back every year for many years to ’give back’. You get back more than you ever can give. God Bless Seguin and the dedicated members of Haiti Needs You.! Tom

Beth Carrier. Today was our first full day in the clinic, we saw about 400 patients and by the end of the day we still had to send at least 55 home to return tomorrow. It’s amazing the number of patients who get treated in a day here as compared to the States where an ER doctor seeing 20 patients is a busy day. I work in a hospital, so this is a very eye-opening experience. Coming from a work environment that wants for nothing to work in this clinic with dedicated people who have to be creative to use our limited resources as efficiently as possible, reminds me to be grateful for all that is available everyday. Looking forward to the rest of the week!

Today was a full day of clinic. Dental saw 93 patients and pulled 172 teeth. One person had 11 teeth pulled. There was a variety of weather today-sunshine and rain. Some of the gals tried learning how to carry things on their head with the help of a shirt made into a coiled ring. I watched a local carrying a basket stop and take some reeds and weave them into ring. Shirley

Busy day. Clinic 8 am to 6 pm. Saw lots of patients. I am thankful that they do not have electronic charting and not even a chart. Just caring for the patients which I love best. Learning a few words in Creole but have occasionally said the wrong phrase. Instead of goodbye, I say hello. Hopefully by the time I leave will get it right. Promised my American shirt to one of the young Haitian boys. I am thankful to have this experience. Maureen

Madame P came to the rectory and gave us a lesson on how to carry loads on our heads. It was hilarious. We, rookies, were able to walk only a few feet before everything fell off. We learned how to snake our scrub tops to make a padding to put on our heads under the buckets. The loads were still heavy, but then it became a matter of balance. If we stood still, we were fine. Trying to walk anywhere especially over a few rocks or to navigate an incline was tough. It was a good time. Blessings, Gerri

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