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Post from Bill Johnson

Hello everyone, Lots of stuff to report today, we were busy. 1st off we have found a place to do the clinic from. we will be working out of Grace childrens Hospital on delmas 31. we conected with the 82nd airborne unit and have developed a relationshipwiththem. we are trying to get a long term plan in place so we are going to ask other groups to participate. So if you did not get on this trip there will be many opportunities to join and help. we will have a surgical suite and x-ray. it is a fully secure compound and have US army presence in the area. the hospital is located next to a soccor field that has approx 3000-4000 people. the administrator of the hospital is putting to word out on the radio so we will be busy. we will start the clinic tommorrow. so troy and i went out to connect with the military, Jane and tom went down to the main soccor stadium and the palace area. the mood is quiet and there are people living in the streets but there is a sence of calm. the food is starting to get out we were involved with the 82nd and they did 8 food drops today in areas of need. and i witnesses multiple ones fron the un. the smiles from the chilren are still there and the Haiti resilence is in full force. today we heard god’s voice guiding us and we accomplished more than we had anticipated. The reading today that we read was about the different parts of the body make up the body. and today we were witnesses to the wisdom of that reding we all have contributed in different ways and used the gifts god has given us. the need here is incredible, the responce by everyone even greater. I am witnessing miricles everyday. i am awed by the people i come across, and i continue to pray that I can open my heart to listen to the message god is sending. the one i heard today was that no matter what, we are all gods creatures and that love is still strong in humanity. i will send more tommorrow, continue to pray for us. god is listening and guiding us in his word. LPK Bill

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  1. Hi Bill and Jane. Just read your blog. I find my self weaking up every morning around 3:30, so now I’m sending up prayers to God for all of you and the work you are doing in His name. Be safe and God bless you all

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