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ericaErika Simonds~ Today we went to the Seguin church. This is my first trip to Haiti, so I was shocked when I saw the condition of the church! I saw pictures of its current state before we left, but seeing it in person was a completely different experience. The Haitians don’t let this keep them from their beautiful worship!  There are a few speakers, but even without them, the school choir is loud enough to hear a few hundred feet away. During the songs, an adorable two year old was dancing with the music. Whenever he would see one of us watching him and smiling, he would laugh, hide his face in his jacket, and play peek-a-boo with us behind the speaker. These people that Americans imagine as having so little praise God as if they had everything in the world. I loved being at their church today and look forward to coming back to it on another trip!

stephStephanie Braun ~ Today was our first day in the clinic; we cleaned the room, set up dental instruments, and started cleanings. I got to assist Dr. Mitchell by giving suction while he cleaned the students’ teeth. It is so amazing how tough these young children are despite the pain they endure while getting their teeth fixed.


laurenLauren Buczkowski ~  It is my third time back to Haiti yet I am still amazed by the sights, sounds, and ways of life. Driving up the mountain felt different, almost familiar this time. The bumper to bumper traffic and littered roads didn’t surprise me as much because Haiti feels like home. Seeing my close Haitian friends I have known for four years now grow from young boys to tall young men amazes me. This is my first dental trip, so I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stomach the blood, but after seeing the pain tolerance of these young children, I was  inspired to assist in the procedures. I assisted two doctors in cleaning teeth and also helped cleaning and distributing instruments. It was a long day of hard work, but well worth it. The results of this first day had me in awe; I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has to bring!

12 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. Lauren,
    It’s really cool that this is your third trip back to Haiti. I’m sure that you have had so many fun times. The whole class is praying for you and your safety while you are out doing the Lord’s work! Your courage inspires me to help others. Good luck!

  2. Lauren,
    It’s really cool that you have been on this trip three times! It must take a lot of courage to give up a lot to help others. We are thinking about you back home, and praying for safe travels. I’m sure your having fun helping with the kids:) Good luck!

  3. Thank you for the posts and updates. The Holy Spirit eighth graders look forward to reading your updates throughout the week. You are all in our prayers! God bless you for the work you are doing!

  4. Stephanie, we are praying for you! I think it’s great that you guys voluntarily go to Haiti to help out. How many times have you been down to Haiti for a mission trip? About how may kids teeth did you have to clean? What is it like in Haiti? Again, we are praying for you and you are doing an amazing deed by helping them out in Haiti!

  5. Lauren, I think it’s a great thing you’re doing helping, these people in Haiti and you are living out Jesus’ call well. Did you guys get down to Haiti safely? How long was the trip. Do you ever miss home? What is the nature like?

  6. Stephanie, that’s great that you got to help the doctor!! Is this your first time going to Haiti/ helping with dental cleaning? Just know that Holy Spirit School has all of you in our prayers. Good luck and good job!! 💞

  7. Lauren, it’s very inspirational how you write about Haiti. I can clearly picture many of the amazing sights of Haiti even though I haven’t been there yet. I don’t know how you would be able to stand helping a dentist. Teeth and blood and anything to do with doctors really grosses me out. We’re keeping you in our prayers! Continue to have a great time in Haiti!

  8. Lauren: You said that it was your 3rd trip, have you seen noticeable improvement in how the people of Haiti are doing? How many children do you think got their teeth cleaned that day? Good luck on the rest of your trip!

  9. Lauren, you said that theses kids were enduring a lot of pain during the procedures. How old was the youngest child that had to get teeth cleaned? What is the dental condition that these kids were in?

  10. Erika, this was your first time going to Haiti and seeing the people there, so how excited were you when you were on your way to help the people of Haiti? I would be excited if I knew I would be helping many people who need it. Do you think you’ll be going back again if you have the chance? I hope you can complete your job and make the Haitians place of worship as beautiful as it can be.

  11. Lauren: Did you experience it differently your third time? It sounds like you liked working with the dentists. Was it hard? Our class at Holy Spirit is praying for you. Thank you for what you do! Good luck!

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