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Sunday, April 2nd

Abby RAbby Rakus ~ Today, we started off the day by attending a Catholic Mass. It was so cool seeing the Haitian people get into the music! It was awesome seeing a different perspective of our faith and how we celebrate it. Then, we headed out to the mountains to tarp a few houses. One of the ladies that was following my group decided to carry a tarp with her until we got to her house because she desperately needed it for her roof. It started raining on the car ride back to the rectory, so we all decided to split up. I took a short nap, yet it was relaxing. The chicken was really good tonight at dinner! The sunset right now is absolutely gorgeous!

AndieAndie Johnson ~ This morning we were woken up by the sound of father ringing the bell which lets everyone know that Mass starts soon. The Mass was beautiful, and the church was like nothing I’ve seen before. The happiness to be at church and the willingness to sing with your whole heart, which is what everyone did, is something I rarely see in Michigan. After church, we tarped a couple houses before the rain came, which made me feel good knowing that their houses were protected from any damage. A moment that stuck out to me was when we met a quiet girl in frog pajamas, and her body clearly showed malnutrition because of her swollen cheeks and bloated stomach. Everyone here amazes me because of their appreciation for the little things they have, and how the slightest things, like giving them a cracker, can change their day.

GinaGina Vicini ~ Today we got up for Mass, thinking it was at 8, but really it was at 9. At church, it was crazy how all of the clothes were pressed and spotless despite living on dirt. Everyone sang their heart out, and at the end they sang happy birthday to anyone born in April. After church we went and tarped houses after walking through the hills and mountain. My favorite parts of my days continue to be when we get back to the rectory and play/ hang out with the local kids. Today I sat for probably an hour or more with one kid just sitting and reading from a Creole-English dictionary. It was a very long book and we still are not done. I also learned about “WhatsApp” and got some digits. Until tomorrow.

MargoMargo Milanowski ~ I talked with some of the girls here on the mission with me about how the people we meet assume leadership roles – the children all obey the older boys, and when they are not around, there’s an older, bigger child who will tell them not to push each other around, not to stand in front of the jump rope, the like. An older little girl here pulled the boys back when they blocked the jump rope from reaching over the little girls, keeping an eye out for the ones trying to trip them up. There are things that are universal, things that we see in some form everywhere. Kids will always mess with dogs, mothers will always love the children they hold, and someone will always take charge. Our minds and hearts have the same complexities, our personality traits are all the same. There are kids who are introverted and ones who are extroverted, and little girls who are shy and little girls who will ask your name. There are little boys who will ask for food and little boys who will just stand beside you, just like there are little kids back in Michigan who are perfect angels when you babysit and little kids who play pretend and tell you you’re in jail and try and tie you up so they can do whatever you want. Yeah, that happened. Kids are kids, and they’ve got some spunk everywhere.

CamyCam Mannion ~ This trip is amazing. The kids here are so sweet and adorable and never fail to make you smile. This trip has taught me so many things about life, it has taught me that the little things in life matter the most. Never take life for granted, there are so many more things to life that just items. Life is so short and these kids really show you how to live it. The kids here that just come up to you and ask for a picture or a hug or want to sit on your lap just make you smile and wonder how they can be so kind hearted and care about you. The children here are the most outgoing kids I have ever met and I can’t believe how amazing these kids are. The littlest things just like playing with them makes them so happy and they feel special. We whine and cry about so many things, and some of these kids have nothing but it’s like you would never know because of how happy they are. This trip is so amazing so far.

EmmaAlyssaEmma and Alyssa! ~ Today we woke up early to the bells that they ring along with the dogs barking. I (Emma) woke up congested and blew my congestion away:) We went to church, and it was really cool to hear singing in a different language. After church we went to tarp people’s houses and had to walk uphill a lot. We found some cool flowers that tend to make people “crazy” and now they are sitting in the room. It is really cool to see the different culture of the people who live here. The smiles on the kids’ faces makes our day. At night the clouds come down, so it gets very foggy. We didn’t see Ryan’s Peak, but maybe we will tomorrow. We both miss our dogs so tell them we say hi.

ColleenColleen Ryan  ~ This morning we woke very early to go to Mass. The Haitian Mass is always enjoyable to go to since the people are so joyful with even the little they have. We also went out to tarp and Alyssa and I found flowers that are used as drugs for people. In the truck ride back to the rectory we sang old songs and had lots of fun. These trips really put into perspective how amazing our lives in America are. The kids in Seguin are excited for the simplest things like a hair tie or a soccer ball, whereas kids back home feel the need to have everything they see. The joy that the people have here in Seguin is an immense and unmeasurable joy that amazes me every time. Thank you, Haiti, for stopping me in my needy tracks every time and making me realize how blessed we are and how amazing you are.

Abby WAbby Wila ~ Today after the confusion of Mass times, we had a short walk down to the church. We went to Mass in Creole, and although the only word I could understand was “Amen”, it was beautiful. Patrick was translating most of it to us, and the priest was saying how we are all one people under one God. It really put this trip into perspective because that is so true. God brought us all together to celebrate Mass together and help one another. No matter where we are, we are all the same. He was also saying how we often say we’re Christian but don’t do anything about it. We have to act on our faith. I really connected to that because that’s the whole reason we are on this trip, to act in our faith. After Mass, we tarped houses and again, drew a crowd. We met so many little kids and one special little girl in particular, who we called Froggy. She bounced down the hills everywhere we went and was shy to hold my hand. We also saw a skimpy rooster 😉 After tarping, it began to rain on the ride back to the rectory. We sat in the truck bed and talked about our animals and album cover again 🙂 When we got back, Cassidy and I colored pictures and laughed a lot. Then the dinner bell rang so we ate dinner-the rice was not good today 🙁 After dinner we went outside to play with the kids again. Valerie braided my hair again and then I was jump roping with the girls. As it got darker, the kids wanted to be held. One little girl, Fila was dancing with me and doing pull ups on my arm!! I tossed her in the air and she giggled. She then wrapped herself around me and held tight to say, “I love you”. I cried. The way she held so tight on to me and didn’t want to leave, touched my heart. Surprisingly, this was the first time I cried on this trip. Then Eddy showed me his Creole/English/French dictionary and we were learning different phrases. He gave it to me so I could study overnight. I love it here because everyone is so happy to see us and always make us laugh. They are all so entertained by the simplest things and it truly humbles me. I love them so much and I can’t believe that I have the opportunity to be here-it is so amazing! Wow life is good.

ErinErin Mangan ~ We had Mass today. I loved all the beautiful singing and praising from the people there. The priest mentioned the importance of unity between us Christians. He gave a really nice story about staying together to fight temptation. We also put more tarps on homes. Throughout the hike between houses, we learned many new Creole words. It is so much fun to meet these kind and loving people. They always show their gratitude to us. I’m sad that tomorrow is our last day in Seguin, but I’ve loved every second here. I will always cherish this opportunity to do what I love. I miss you all, and I can’t wait to see you:)

2 thoughts on “Sunday, April 2nd”

  1. I really liked how much faith was presented into the trip. As Abby said, the mass was in creole and they couldn’t understand much of it. I think it is amazing that even though they couldn’t understand the language it was in, they were all there because even though they are only visiting, they are all believers of God.

  2. Erin – It’s so cool that you get to celebrate mass in Haiti with the people you get to interact with there every day. I bet they sang some new and interesting songs that you had never heard before. It’s so cool that you get to hear those songs and sing them yourself when you get back to Michigan.

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