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Sunday, June 9

On Friday on our way up the mountain we visited the memorial for Jim and Rita Cwengros, Matt Kutsche and Mary. It’s absolutely beautiful! Medical clinic is going great and I’m enjoying it. I feel Mary’s spirit shining strong. I spoke at mass this morning about Jim, Rita, Matt and Mary. I thanked the people of Seguin for the memorial and for the priests coming to Grand Rapids for the services. I’m so glad I came. Mike LaPonsie

It was a beautiful day today. Blue skies with clouds above and below us. Nice mass -2 hours versus the one hour in the states. Had a busy clinic day. Dental saw 46 yesterday and 76 today with 107 teeth being extracted. Tim cleared out the one side of the room so we could get the 4th chair going. Tom and I kept hopping to keep up with the instruments. Shirley Burnham

The people of Seguin are very happy to see us. They all smile and greet us politely. They seem to be a joyful people despite their circumstances. They wait in line for hours without much complaint. The children are great fun. We have been playing Frisbee with them in the school yard when on breaks. At the end of the day at the clinic, the smallest children hold our hands and walk with us back to the church rectory where we stay. I have been dispensing medicine to the people waiting in line at the clinic, and giving a lollipop to each person to take away the taste of the medicine. I have to say that I’ve given away a lot of extra lollipops to the children! Catherine Mish

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  1. I’m very glad things are going well for you, and I tear up reading all of your reflections. Keep it going, just remember Haiti is infectious in a good way. We have much to learn about smiles, patience, perserverence from them, miss you all and all of the villagers!

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