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Terri Swanson

It was a good week. Thank you to Tim Ryan. He made the dental extraction clinic possible. It is hard to imagine all the planning it takes to make it happen.

One of the chapels we visited was, Our Mother of Perpetual Help. They live in such humble homes and have so little. The people are very kind and welcoming. It is easy to fall in love with them. They are very much in need of water to carry them through the dry seasons and to have a means to purify it. We are hopeful of finding solutions so they may have the simple luxury that we take so for granted.
The families in the main parish of St. Joseph carry water from morning to night from the well we put in 1½ years ago. We did good!!
We were a great team. We had Tim (who led us), our interpreter Junior, Lisa from Our Lady of Consulation in Rockford, Natalie, Lavina, Dennis and Emily (my granddaughter), myself (Terri) and the 2 dentists, Breeze and Peterson.
It is always sad to say good-by to Haiti – Haiti is beautiful in many ways. The noise, the sights and the sounds stay with me as well as the beautiful faces.
Thank you Tim for all you did and for sharing your love of Haiti with us. We are greatful.

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